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I guess you missed the news earlier this year when Apple announced that they were prepaying $3.9 Billion to their suppliers.Much of this money was being fronted to Samsung's competitors who needed investment in their LCD factories.I don't think Apple is worried, they have been planning this for a few years.
Help me understand this........ I understand the tech behind all the pixels and whatnot..... But..... I just realized that I have never seen a picture of the Surface or any Windows RT/8 tablet on any news or tech website..... In portrait orientation..... What the hell? Anyone have any non photoshopped links... I use an iPad in portrait mode 95% of the time, like right now. I don't read books or websites in landscape mode... What is the tech or marketing thinking...
iOS has had customizable vibration alert since iOS 5 in 2011.In all seriousness, I wonder who owns a patent for that?
Gotta give Apple credit for not bringing their FRAND pledged patents into the courtroom or ITC, unlike Samsung, Moto, and HTC.
The point of this lawsuit is that Apple doesn't want "App Store" to become generic. That's why they are trying to block Amazon from using the term. Duhhhh.Go back to 7th grade please Mr "just joined recently to troll an Apple fan site bc my own life is so pathetic and I lack a reasonable level of intelligence" Rodriguez. The fact you even found this website means you are not an average consumer so your hypothetical " find in the App Store, which one" is silly.
I just want to know, did Borland make that old Apple II Plus game Loadrunner? If so could they bring it to iOS? I'd pay for it.
In jest Should Microsoft call their store the EXE Store, the Program Store, the Executable Store ( sounds like a Middle Ages town square killing with an ax, I guess ? ) If anyone here can't admit that Amazon's intention was to capitalized on Apple's brand value, they are either a liar (biased) or stupid. Amazon's intent is clear, whether it is legal is another story.
I'm going by the article's supposed facts where they took out "Android"Did you read the article? Maybe my reading comprehension is low or you have and older device?
In the soft beverage industry, in the USA, we call it soda, soda pop, cola, or coke (even when we don't specifically mean Coke VS Pepsi, bc many restaurants only sell Coke or Pepsi, not both).Apple is fighting for the strength of their brand . They don't want their brand diluted. They want ordering a coke to mean you get a Coke, not a Pepsi or Coke, or the only one being served..Bonus facts for anyone that wants to learn (maybe not many here)?McDonalds had a contract with...
The question is in timing, not what tech reviewers say.IIRC, I never saw tech reviews mentioning App Stores in Palm or Windows Mobile reviews.Apple started using the term in 2008 and then Google started using the term Marketplace. If you have any sense of logic, or marketing and business strategy, you would understand that Amazon's intention was to mislead consumers that had heard the term App Store. They wanted to use terms that consumers associate with a decent and well...
New Posts  All Forums: