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The universal search was a feature of Apple's Sherlock App released in the late 1990s It allowed users universal search of both the computer and multiple web search engines at once in a unified interface. You could search thru multiple search engines through one interfaceIn today's world, it would be like searching Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc... And files on your computer all at once. (But Apple was doing that more than 12 years ago) The user would see all the results in...
Funny bc Apple filed for this data tapping patent in 1996, and Google didn't exist until 1998.When did Android start development? 2004 or 2005,, 6-7 years after the data tapping patent was published to the public.We're the original android developer or google not vigilant enough to search for Apple's data taping patent.?
I don't think the new iMacs will be retina, but what is Apple doing that is taking so long? What is going to happen with the i7 in the 27" since Apple's usual selection from the processor line-up is the 3770 which is clocked at the same 3.4 GHZ as the current Sandy Bridge i7 in the 27" iMac. Is Apple working with Intel to get a new i7 in the line-up for the high end? Will Apple use the 3770k (unlocked) @ 3.5 GHZ or higher? Or will the just ship the 3.4 GHZ 3770 Ivy...
OMG, this forum software sucks on the iPad. I just wrote 5 pages paper equivalent, an hour of my time to educate my forum brothers and sister son legal issues ( with assistance from two lawyers, one from the dept of justice) and then the forum crashes safari on my iPad, which sucks to write on this forum anyway. Ded or anyone can recover my last hour of writing? Really, I like this website, but the blogging and forum software is the worst of any Apple centric website.
This above is Apple's legal argument, that the $10 chip they buy from Intel or Qualcomm is already licensed for SEPs via contracts with Samsung and Moto, respectively. If Apple pays $10 for a chip, and the chipmaker pays the licensor, then, the licensor has no right to double dip for license fees.Samsung and Moto want to revoke those pass-thru licenses, but only in regards to Apple and no other competitor.Apple claims Moto and Samsung can't ask them for money too, bc the...
Should be interesting how Apple fights back via Rockstar/Nortel patents. If Samsung already had a license agreement with Nortel, it remains valid as one of the terms of the sale approved by the Dept. of Justice.If Samsung did not have a license from Nortel for their LTE patents, using Samsung's own LTE patents as an offensive strategy sounds like a bad move.From theregister.co.uk" Nortel contributed significantly to both 4G standards, WiMAX and LTE, with R&D in key areas...
I'll save my comments till later when people start posting stupid stuff.. But I got to admit.. Regardless of Bias DED has has mastered the English language narrative in comparison to most of what is posted online. The writers for WSJ, CNN, BBC, NYT, etc.... Need to hire more people that can write as clearly as DED
Your link offers no proof of Florian linked to Apple. Your link connects to another website, which also doesn't have any proof. The second website links to Groklaw which doesn't even mention Florian being paid by Apple.I'm not sure if he is or isn't paid by Apple, but repeating something from blogs doesn't make something true. At least look for some facts, and then link to those.
The iPad mini is just a big iPod Touch, duh
Regardless of this opaque ruling...l According to this article, Samsung produces 20% of Korean GDP. http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2012/07/whoa-samsung-is-responsible-for-20-of-south-koreas-economy/260552/ Samsung has been accused of bribing Judges and Politicians. Samsung former bigwig got 3 years suspended sentence and $100 million + fine, and now he's in charge of their Olympic committee overseeing the upcoming games that they are hosting (2018? Winter?)
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