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I'm interested if the CEO could actually use any of the iOS/Android/WindowsPhone8 syncing services for contacts, calendar, email... etc...I would assume he has a primary device with a corporate MS exchange account. Which device is that? I doubt it's on every phone he tests. I doubt he uses any Android over WP8 or iOS. Can't envision syncing to Gmail, GCal, etc... What is the current state of MS Exchange on Android, last I saw was bickering back and forth.If a CEO wants to...
Apple offers financing in China for qualified buyers. The buyer pays monthly payments for a chosen amount of months, 3, 6, 12, 18, or 24. If the buyer pays back the loan within 12 months, then the interest rate is 0%.
I'm trying to decipher your comment. You're complaining that the small phone is too big but you are thinking of buying a much bigger phone?I like your pics but there is so much more in the equation.The forehead and chin exist for several reasons. The forehead contains a camera, speaker and ambient light sensor. The chin contains speakers?, microphone, and the home button (one of the most used parts of the iPhone so we can't change that as you agree.Proportionally, the...
How could Apple follow suit? They don't sell physical books.If you but a book from Apple you will be able to read it on 10.9 on your Mac. If you buy a Kindle book from Amazon, you can already read it on your Mac.What are you trying to say?
Good post.I'd like to add to the conversation......Why pay so much for Nuance. Some of their earlier speech patents that are the building blocks of speach recognition technology, but will expire in the next five years?You can see that Nuance knows this, look at their number of acquisitions from 2006 to 2013. It looks like they bought every patent troll that might have tried to sue them.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuance_CommunicationsThis may be the future of the mobile...
While all the speculation is fun, it would be nice if other companies released numbers. I'm looking at you Samsung, HTC, LG. Let's free that data into a world of transparency? What are you hiding?
Honest question bc I clicked the link and it didn't list all 300 people.... Did anyone from Samsung get invited?
You have to sign up with the website to view the actual report. Maybe their press release only compared iOS and Android? Maybe they have more details in their full report?
The issue here is really for android folks. The people that want "open" and choices are going to end up with 30 choices from Samsung, 2 choices from HTC, one X-phone from Google/Mototrola, and a few by each of the smaller players, Sony,LG etc.... How is this good for an industry? It's like cheering that HP is going to run Dell out of business. That's not good for competition or consumers. Samsung has a huge advantage as both a component maker and smartphone...
The real improvements are "under the hood" with 1500 new APIs. You're complaining about the paint job before you sit in the care, open the the hood and trunk, or turn on the stereo/GPS.The iPhone OS 1 in 2007 was alien to everyone back then too. "No Keyboard" Fail!!! Look at the industry now.
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