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When a retailer puts Apple products on sale, it doesn't necessarily mean Apple teamed up with them. Did Apple team up with Macmall? Some basic comprehension of retail business is needed here. My suspicion is that Best Buy decide to cut their own margins on MacBooks to sell/bundle high margin accessories such as cables, cases, printers etc.... Insinuating that Apple teamed up with Best Buy is false unless you have some sources.
I find all the Element product line odd on the Mac platform. It makes more sense on Windows without apps such as iPhoto or iMovie, which are pretty decent. It seems more a product as a value added bonus when buying a new camera? In my non-scientific analysis, most Mac users are content with iPhoto. It does more than many of them will every understand. Those that are more serious about photography will buy Lightroom, Aperture, or Photoshop. Or do a subscription for...
I agree with some of what you said but you also have to keep in mind Apple's largest markets.Please don't take this offensively.Samsung large screen phones are targeted to people who only want one device or can't afford a tablet and smartphone. Also people who aren't convinced that each device can be more productive at different things.In Apple's most important markets, many (not all) people that can afford a 4" iPhone 5 can afford to buy an iPad also. That's why Apple...
Thank you Apple. When app descriptions start looking like horrible craiglists and backpage ads, I'm glad Apple has constrained this behavior.
I agree with your facts but not your interpretation.No one thinks 75% of ad money is going to Apple.Apple's income from ads is less than 1% of all of its income.Google on the other hand, has about 97% of its income relying on ads.Google bought android and developed it further so that they wouldn't be locked out of mobile advertising.Let's hypothesize that Google earns 100% of all mobile advertising and that Apple, Facebook, Twitter etc.... earn 0% And that android and iOS...
Maybe I'm different but.... I hate wearing watches. I also think that nowadays, the watch wearing crowd has been shrinking since we all have clocks in our pockets via any phone. Ask Casio, Timex, Swatch, how their business was disrupted by mobile phones. The connected watch is NOT going to be the "next big thing" regardless if its Apple, MS, Google, or Samsung. It's not going to be a revolution like MP3 players, or current smartphones.
So Facebook used an Apple app/tool to build Facebook Home on Android? I don't see a problem with this... So what does this say.... Facebook engineers prefer using Macs? Google's Android developer tools are inferior to Aplle's iOS/OSX developer tools?
The running gag is that people believe this stuff, obviously you do?An analyst with an ulterior motive tells a story about YoY declines in Foxconn sales? Profits? What is even being said? Can you not realize an agenda?Foxconn hasn't released their numbers yet..Apple hasn't released their numbers yet.Where is the "real" YoY decline? What product? What companies?Do you believe everything you read about aliens too?I hope for your own sake you don't invest in the stock market.
Maybe sales of Xbox360 since a new model was announced. Or sales of an random product that is being outdated.Hmm , this wouldn't be an article if no banker had something to gain from it.
This is the interesting part. I don't have anything Google on my iPhone.Since I let WhatsApp use my address book, does that mean that Google will get all the names, phone #s, and email addresses of everyone in my address book?I'm not even a Google services user and they might data mine me? They'll have more info about people I know than my own mobile carrier, since many of my contacts, I haven't called from my iphone.It seems the "focus" of the new Google is even more data...
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