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Hmm, I thought Apple fans were supposed to be a Cult? Mindless iSheep?You mean we iSheep can get paid? Sign me up Are iSheep a cult or are they paid, you can't have it both ways
I read in another article that the CCTV show claimed that in other countries, but not China, when a iPhone breaks, the owners get a warranty reset, ie another year from the date it gets fixed. CCTV obviously didn't do any research. If that was true, everyone would be purposely breaking iPhones every 11.5 months. There were also claims that CCTV uses the threat of exposure on the 3/15 program as a way to get advertising from soon to be exposed companies, usually foreign...
I read awhile back that Google gives the carriers a tiny kickback from the ad revenue earned on Android phones. While the amount was pretty small at the time, under $10 million, its more than enough to cover Verizon/AT&T CEOs and VPs bonus checks. Mobiles Phone stores' salemen are like used car salesmen, except they are teenagers, with even lower ethical standards. I say that as some who's good friend managed a Verizon store for 5 years, from the stories he told me.
I never bought Reeder bc it relied on Google.It's always a bad business plan to rely on something another company gives away for free.Glad that they have a plan B.Bummer about Snapseed on Mac, but since it doesn't show Google ads, it's not worth their while to keep investing in it. Makes sense business wise.These moves re-enforce the idea that Google only offers products that data mine in order to sell more ads.Rant:To paraphrase someone wiser than myself and I forget who...
  In one of the links above, IDC said in May 2010, that the tablet market might be as big as 44 million in 2014.    Considering that Apple sold more than that in 2012, I'd say IDC shouldn't try to predict anything more than 12 months away.     I've never seen an Android tablet outside of a store except 1 Kindle Fire that my friend received as a "sales prize" from her employer. 1st place sales team got free iPads and 2nd place sales team got Kindle Fires, 1st...
I guess this judge isn't getting a new job working for Samsung
    Apple doesn't set the prices. The people selling the goods do. Unlike Amazon, who can force a sale on apps or music.  Amazon pay the record industry the full price for the music, but it does not with apps.
    The FNC never applied to Apps, music, movies etc..... Only iBooks and it is no longer being enforced. 
This article totally missed the SeekingAlpha's article authors's disclosure at the top of that page.    The author is LONG on VirnetX stock. He has a finacial interest in making VirnetX stock rise. Doom and Gloom for Apple in this lawsuit makes his stock more valuable. Then he insinuates that Cisco is next to lose big. 
So Google is going to "innovate" in streaming music?   im still waiting for them to innovated email and calendars bc they are basically using the same open standards invented decades before but they haven't innovated the way we use, or protocols, of email and calanders. 
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