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I guess this judge isn't getting a new job working for Samsung
    Apple doesn't set the prices. The people selling the goods do. Unlike Amazon, who can force a sale on apps or music.  Amazon pay the record industry the full price for the music, but it does not with apps.
    The FNC never applied to Apps, music, movies etc..... Only iBooks and it is no longer being enforced. 
This article totally missed the SeekingAlpha's article authors's disclosure at the top of that page.    The author is LONG on VirnetX stock. He has a finacial interest in making VirnetX stock rise. Doom and Gloom for Apple in this lawsuit makes his stock more valuable. Then he insinuates that Cisco is next to lose big. 
So Google is going to "innovate" in streaming music?   im still waiting for them to innovated email and calendars bc they are basically using the same open standards invented decades before but they haven't innovated the way we use, or protocols, of email and calanders. 
Reminds me of QuickTime VR (virtual reality I think?) that I used in the mid-late 1990s.  Except back then you had to have special software on a computer.    While the ad is obviously unoriginal, it's better than Samsung or Verizon Droid ads.    On that note, anybody have handy links to Samsung ads that air in South Korea? Do they keep it classy there?
I love these things. IDC and many of the other "reports" are paid PR. Pay and they'll make you look good with their numbers.   I take all these reports with a grain of salt since most companies don't release their numbers. Why is Apple one of the few companies being semi-transparent? Most others don't release their definitive numbers.    At least Nokia seems to be playing on the same disclosure field. 
Wow just wowow, so Hedge funds want to invest in a company that already failed but taxpayers bailed out.   Best investment ever, if the management fccksup, the government and taxpayers will refund your money?     Of course hedge funds want to invest in a company that can print their own money rather than a company that makes physical products.     Ever heard of the 500 Trillion dollar derivative market?   Did any AI writer read about Henry Blodget's...
I think Einhorn is right in the lawsuit but is wrong in the big picture. I said the same thing last week when AI and NYT, and Reuters, got the story wrong.   Any which way, somewhere, forget what website, the Apple board won't issue preferred shares without majority approval, regardless if this measure passes via the stockholders. 
  I totally agree. no disrespect to MS employees, regardless of the PR stunt which most probably didn't support.    The MS management is dire need of new blood. Like most large companies, any visionary wil be fired for speaking their mind rather than going with the status quo.    Regardless of fanboy allegiances, MS brought affordable computing to the masses. The problem is that haven't revolutionized mass computing since Windows 95. 18 years with no real new vision....
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