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"Obscure" bug.Are you high man? know it was 4/20 but jeez....Anyway good job  researchers for exposing the vulnerability. Better them than some Apple apologizing tick.
Source Please.Clearly you do not understand what libraries are neither have you used them.Do you know that most of the Apple Datacentre runs on a customised linix distro or that facebook uses hive over hadoop on backend to manage its data repository?There is no stipulation that you have to give back to the community if you have used opensource.I do not know where you got that from.And people use libraries not   because they want to steal but because the implementations are...
Why do you think it is frivolous? Do you think that spending time,building labs and resources,inventing a new and better way to do things , patenting it and then having your patent infringed upon by two multinational companies is frivolous? I suppose you would be ok if a car you built from scratch in your garage was stolen  and the police would dismiss your complaint as "frivolous".
Not going to help.."Clear all conversations" clears the GUI.The transcripts remain on serverside because regulations stipulate that they have to.Actually Snapchat was in a controversy for the very same reason.They keep all the photos for a over a year even though to the user it expires in 10 secs
Well wikipedia also has this . So I would be careful before using the logic "since its on wikipedia it must be true".Its a slippery slope from there.As far as this issue goes I do not see what is wrong with workers getting what is rightfully theirs.  Apple is based out of Cupertino,CA.Not much good it has done to the state has it? And when you stash away your money out of the country,you cannot whine about the rules in different countries. Apple wants the labour laws  but...
This will and should be invalidated.
You mean, your Dad was a whiner too? 
the sharks have tasted blood !
Clearly,you have no idea about the future potentials in Storage Domain. Storage is big and it is going to get bigger now that we are all firmly integrated in Web 2.0 with information increasing exponiantially. Informatoin is where the money is whether you like it or not.
So he's a troll just because he has a different viewpoint ? Also, He has backed up his statement with a quote from the apple site. What basis have you to call him a troll,expect your closed,bigoted mind?   Ad hominem attacks are banned according to the rules and regulations. And here you are,a moderator,calling another person a troll simply because he does not agree with you. Welcome to BigotedInsider people where the moderators want a forum of yes men to massage their egos.
New Posts  All Forums: