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I was thereGreat speech.Though messed up with the traffic.Of course,the re-enactment later in the day didn't  help things.
The technology is already there and it is already happening.How do you think the grid meets the demands during peak and off peak hours without storing ?Hydroelectric and Thermal power plant can provide only so much power?
It is neither modern nor socialist nor an utopia.I think conservatives,poor haters should consider living in a society with no police force since they see "gummint" interference selectively in things which do not suit their needs. 
Unfortunately,the country does and you are in a minority of a few.Speaking of "not caring about others",I have heard there's no apathy like North Korean  apathy.Have you considered moving there? 
 Like the riff-raff who came aboard the Mayflower.Oh wait !
Yes as we all know it is impossible to store electric charge.Of course! *slowly clapping hands*
Interesting bit about Robert Brunner. Can't wait for it to hit the market.
 Irrelevant.Google ranking algorithm uses a lot of other algorithms beside PageRank.And they keep updating their algorithm .It's a play of cat and mouse between Google and SEOs.So,as rightly pointed out by Gatorguy,if you are not competing with 2000's era Google,it is irrelevant.
Many people seem to enjoy Spotify and I have no grouse with that. Personally?I do not understand what the issue is.Even Spotify free does not allow you to search and play songs of your choice.If you want to listen for free  go to youtube.And youtube has a much wider selection on any language than spotify. Problem solved. There is no reason to believe Spotify is more altruistic than Apple.It is not.And if your first language is not English (as mine) the choices on Spotify...
"Tattogate" does not exist.The watch does what it is supposed to do.It works for all type of skin colors.What it does not do is work properly when your skin is not in direct contact with the watch(because of ink for example). I fail to see how that is a failure of Apple or its engineering team.
New Posts  All Forums: