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They'd probably know who you are before you'd step into their store. With all the data they have on you.
As Steve Jobs once said, " You can please some of the people some of the time."
700 vs. 49. Holy cow. If that isnt a crazy ridiculous difference. I don't know what is.
Has hell frozen over yet, because it's getting really hot in here.
Wow Greenpeace. Way to go. You certainly showed them. /s
I have no idea if he's being sarcastic or not. Apple ][ is usually more Apple-centric or Apple happy is the word I think. Just find it weird is all. Nothing against you of course Apple ][.
As the saying goes if you don't like it you can leave. Nobody in their right mind would be in a place their not welcomed. If you find the Apple people who on an Apple forum are either too delusional or are too far up in themselves for your taste. You can go with no regard nor respect for this site if you wish. I won't lie that I myself like Apple products and wish I had the money to buy the MBA. I'm sure you will reply to this in some demeaning manner or try to put me down...
Thanks Google, but no thanks. I'm content with Safari for the time being.
True, but Apple came to it first.
Im downloading apps just fine. No problems or errors on my iPod touch.
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