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I agree with you. Although dealing with bullies is different when they know where you are and can get you in real life.
[QUOTE=nvidia2008;2041066]Err... Who are you referring to? Curious. Sorry I meant them. I corrected it though.
I am glad that Apple is at least responding to it and trying to correct what they can, but they are working not only with a place they don't own, but a government that is not like ours. Although I'm sure there would be some to disagree. People also need to remember that it is not just Apple they do buisness through. If you want to protest, protest the injustices we have here and internationally. Hunger, famine, homelessness, people who need medical help and the list goes...
For me Apple still has a few products left to show. The commercial was a bit over the top. Don't get me wrong I like Apple and have used them since my first 30gb iPod. If it were not for Apple we wouldn't see the competition we see today. Will Apple always stay in the lead I dont know. All of these other companys are trying in a sense to 1-up Apple and Apple has been smart and innovative enough to stay ahead of its competition, heck of even itself. Would the other...
Rather they make the code for the devices, which in turn can be used pretty much by everyone else.
Well then this product would be great for you. I'd still choose an iPad regardless. It's just easy to use regardless if I have to type or not.
Hahahaha. Oh my goodness. Almost cried from laughing so hard.
That's hilarious.
The stylus is so 90's or something that Nintendo would use. Also for those who think it would be great for taking notes, remember those things called paper and pencil. Cost less than 200 bucks and could be replaced easily. You can type on the iPad/iPhone why use a stylus to begin with?
That's right. Blow them sky high out of the water Apple.
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