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you know what. SJ is also coming to terms with the market dominance that his company can achieve...I'm seriously expecting that they'll be pulling out all the stops 2008/2010.
Or the tablet pc that we've been speculating for years. But here's the kicker of how it would work. It would be the thinnest screen on earth. And would have no intelligence built in...just wifi and the most basic processor. Then computing would occur over wifi to ipod touch or iphone. I mean we already have the OS on the devices...and apple has no qualms about using wifi (airport express itunes controll(5yrs+), touch/iphone itunes control, apple tv control, hard...
E Ink has the ability to be layered on top of an OLED display and serve has a dual function screen. I don't envision on side lcd and the other eink...you'd still need the protection for the screen...but perhaps a new manufacturing ability to just spray on the eink on apple's current led lcd screen or adopt new oled screens and voila! If this were the case, then yes a twisting screen would be needed.
Think about it. A reading device! Perhaps not it's own device, but think of the ipod touch with a new e-ink accessory? I mean, you already have a device that can provide power, it has wireless abilities....that would be awesome! It makes complete sense. Jobs could include the book subscriptions in iTunes and consume the e-book, e-newspaper ecology. It just makes sense.
well, guys, he has a good point! I mean, why would I buy such an expensive iphone when I could just get a razr for free? jeez, this guy's brilliant! I'd research what else he doesn't think is great and put the mortgage on it.
But product reviews rarely focus on a "most widely used" product, it doesn't logically lend itself to a balanced review! again back to my laptop comparison...windows xp is the most widely used OS, but that doesn't mean that I would take apple's latest macbook and compare that to my dell 700m with XP from 3 years ago! again...lame.
dude, this site has good content...this just happens to be another one of the bad ones...remember the sony cybershot article months ago? that's what i'm talking about.
ok, seriously, you should have published "Let's compare my new macbook to my Dell Windows 95 laptop" let's see: dell is thicker and heavier... pft! Gimme a break! Seriously, if you're going to write a credible comparison, take the latest and greatest from RIM...8820 I believe has wifi and gps. what a stupid waste of internet space by a very clear fanboy. I love apple...but even when they do comparisons they've generally taken the latest and greatest on the market and...
I've posted like what 4 times in the past 3 years?!?!?!?! this sony post is so exciting that I wanted to contribute to it's long list of exhilirating posts. did you guys know that sony released a new computer console thingy? called a psTree or ps3...something like that...now why doesn't appleinsider include exciting stories about the psTree?
I noticed that my 3g accessories work with my 5g, would there be any problem using these? I'm talking about charger, car charger and even the dock.
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