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You forgot the Domestic Short Hair and Domestic Long Hair.
I concur. It's not that big a deal. For the OP and for those upset about the OP.
Like I said, most people don't read message boards about the new operating system. They don't read every damn article talking about. Most people have lives. They see there's something new, maybe read up on if their computer supports it and all the cool new things it has, and then buy it. Get over yourself and stop being an asshole to the guy.
To be fair, most people don't scour the internet reading the latest rumors and crap regarding their computer. Most people will see there's a new version of something and since it's the newest, latest, and greatest will upgrade based on that alone. Most people, for better or worse, have no desire to put much effort into researching what will and will not work after an upgrade like this. I didn't realize this, and I scan this site a couple times a week (no, I don't scour...
I see. What about options for backing up these pictures? I can't very well just drag the iPhoto Library icon over to my Time Capsule. Easier way than just opening each folder by looking at the file from iPhoto?
Ok, what if i want to browse the pictures in the Finder without going through iPhoto?
Wow, I've been using OS X since the first day it came out and all of this is new to me. All very useful and a bit more intuitive now that I know how to use it. Thanks!
Seems like a useless extra step in such a logical operating system; and it clutters up the desktop. Oh well...
Well for instance, if i want to attach a photo on a message board, the site will open up a window to browse my files. But...the photo file won't show up because i can't get past the iPhoto Library to see the individual files. So I have to get around that by dragging the file onto the desktop, doing what needs to be done, then moving it back to its original location. For whatever reason, that just seems like an unnecessary step or three.
Ok, so maybe I'm doing something wrong here, but this is an aggravating issue and there has to be a way around it. So...when I go to look for a picture that I've downloaded off of my digital camera into iPhoto, I cannot find it by looking in the Pictures folder in the Finder. Instead, there is the iPhoto Library, which somehow represents all of my pictures (none of which can be seen). How the hell do I see those files in the Finder??? The only way I can seem to get to...
New Posts  All Forums: