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Anything about improving At&t signal quality?
How significant is this?
And on some cars, a radio!
So...no good reasons to get the MPro over a regular MBook?
No, I moved on to a BMW (which is a pain in the ass and in the shop right now, so that might change soon) and a Subaru for the winter. Twin Peaks as in the San Bernardino mountains, actually. So a bit south. I think the Macbook will probably be ok. How bout the glossy screen?
Hello, I am in the market for a new laptop and some great deals have come my way for either choice relating to an educational deal. That nonsense aside, I need to decide which to pick up. I'm leaning more towards the Macbook, if only because of the price and there doesn't seem to be much substantial differentiating it from the Pro aside from the screen size. I've heard some complaints regarding the screen of the Macbooks. Is the quality of the screen that poor? Is...
Yep. So that's another thing I have to do each time. Pain in the ass. And sometimes I am not looking at the word, but rather at the keys, thus missing that it had just "corrected" the word for me. So...I get to backspace the entire word and start over again. Again, pain in the ass.
I hate that "feature." I am constantly correcting the auto-correction, taking a ridiculous amount of time to type a simple street address or name in my notes.
i've never had a problem with it...
that's fantastic. however, it's a completely different situation, and you know it. the confederate flag did not ever mean anything completely and utterly different (like your example). it has always stood for one thing, and one thing only. the swastika is an interesting example though, of taking an already widely used symbol and completely associating it with a distinct and definitive meaning. as has already been said the swastika was around long before the nazis. ...
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