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you went quite a ways out of your way to search for this thread and register to post this little rant. and there's nothing in there that most people on here (i have to assume, maybe wrongly) already know. but have fun killing yankees.
I love iPhoto. Been using it from the beginning. Just a little annoyed that when I import files from the camera I can't access them unless I go through a couple additional steps, which is hardly what Apple is about. For instance, in order to set a day's photos for my screen saver I have to search for those photos using spotlight (after getting the file info from iphoto), then create an alias of that folder. That's the only way i've been able to link those photos to my...
i hate that "feature." one of the only times i've been pissed off while using these new apps.
i love my 24 2.8ghz. No problems at all - no freezes. no dead pixels. Beautiful screen. Highly recommended. Oh, and they fixed the freezing issue with a recent update.
i haven't used a mouse with a Mac in 4 years, but with my two month old iMac the mightymouse does this occasionally. kinda strange... i blame user error
doesn't beat my 12 inch Pbook as the best computer i've had, but the 24 inch 2.8 iMac is pretty damn close.
you're an idiot
i dont understand how some have these extensive problems, some have it only rarely, and some not at all. really, doesn't make sense...
I have had my 24 2.8 Ghz for about a month now. Had two freezeups in all that time. Haven't turned it off except for the hard reboots from those freezes, so the uptime is considerable for the number of freezes. I'm pleased with this considering the reports of others on this site... Awesome computer so far. Almost my favorite, but that goes to my 12 inch powerbook, which remains the best computer i've ever had 4 years later.
i have the 2.8 24, had for about 3 weeks. Only hang up i got was when trying to start up a video link on ichat. after that, no problems with anything (including ichat video). great computer, love the screen.
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