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In Firefox, F5 = refresh F6 = highlight the address in the location bar
yep, an iBook.
my girlfriend had this problem. apple sent her a new macbook 2 weeks ago, no questions asked.
Ive had experience with both options recently with my girlfriends ibook. the ibook had been acting up and i took it into the local authorized retail/repair whatever, and they fixed it. well...sortof. it started acting up a little while later, and died completely a few days ago. so she called apple, they sent her a box yesterday, and today they told her that they are sending her a new macbook. so...thats just my experience, they will all be different. i think that...
my girlfriend's computer just did the same problem, except it won't have anything on the screen. Just the sound of the fan turning on, and...nothing... ideas?
i agree. which is why "news" like this is more wasted space and time than baseless rumors. move along. although i am quite disappointed in AI for this...
aside from the phone design (which is arguable) the rest look like ass.
wha what...?
making a decision and criticism based on a rumor is nothing more than stupidity. stop talking. thanks.
better said than i. good job.
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