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i could lose my hearing by slamming a refrigerator door on my head. is this possibility displayed anywhere as a warning??? hell no it isn't. and shit, you know what? i'm kind of worried about that...
yeah, this was my first thought when it was released. actually was brought up here back then too...
you guys are forgetting the Segway.
yes, my point actually was along the lines of what you said, but i failed to elaborate. yes, they share the same parts for the most part, but the build quality is pretty much a different story. i would never buy a VW (the phaeton caused the build quality of the jetta and passat to turn to shit the last few years) and they are just now starting to turn things around. but...i would buy an audi. completely different quality background.
umm...no offense, but...why???
false. stop spreading ignorance. same parent doesnt mean the same quality. look at dodge and mercedes.
ok, well another side to that coin is that since the Pbooks are basically the same specs as they were 2 years ago, they're overpriced right now. so...with the new intel books, you could probably get a good deal on the G4s... aside from that... battery life on my 12 incher is 3-4 hours on a good day with casual constant use with the airport on. what size were you looking at? i recommend 12 if you're gonna be carrying it around with you alot--i bought a slip cover for...
first thing to do, wait four weeks. then, we'll talk.
ok, this is hilarious. is someone actually pretending to be antagonistic and ignorant, or is this guy for real...? either way, entertaining to say the least.
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