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Only one i use is tmrw = tomorrow
The News app is only available for those in the USA... Which is really stupid. I was looking forward to having it. You can switch your region over and it will appear, but then all your other information (currency, etc) will be displayed as American information.I wish Apple didn't exclude people from features just because of their location
not sure if someone mentioned it, but could have made the pencil magnetic with the 3 dots on its side to clip to the same port as the keyboard. Allows for charging and use without this large pencil sticking out the side.
Would a previous generation Apple TV be able to run a possible "App Store" and updated software? Just speculation of course...
It's gotta be 3D. I can't see them just releasing a sequel as all their games are the same
When do companies accept negative numbers? There will eventually be a point where everyone has an iPad and the market is saturated. Upgraders will be the only source of revenue. Apple must realize this, no?
agreed. Chronological order is best. I use "most recent" all the time, but it's buried in the "more" section....
Check that you have allowed Music to access the cellular network. Go to settings > Cellular > Music and turn it on.
Probably delivered on a silver platter
I'm not having this issue on my 5S, but I did notice that I don't have the option to choose whether I want to skip the Touch ID/password for free apps. I do have this option on my iPad mini though (no Touch ID). Is it only for devices without Touch ID that have this feature?
New Posts  All Forums: