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Most credit card companies have this embedded within their cards now, and Canadian banks have their debit cards equipped as well. Essentially, you can tap or just hold it near the device and it receives the signal transmitted from the chip/NFC. Chip cards are safer to use as it is more difficult to duplicate than a magnetic strip and you use your PIN as verification instead of a signature.Now my question is, is there a cap on the amount allowed via Apple Pay? I know there...
The iPad is owned and operated by the store. You complete your transaction on the iPad, using iPhone or Apple watch as your credit card.If the store's iPad doesn't have nfc, then they would need a separate little terminal for the "tap" function (similar to how stores have it now, with separate debit/credit terminals, and then a "tap"/"pay pass" type device)Edit: exactly Jordan.murry
The iPads should include nfc so they can be used as Point of Sale terminals in stores. A simple communication from iPhone/Apple watch to an iPad and the transaction is complete without a bunch of separate parts
However, the problem still remains of a thief simply turning off the device.... Should have to enter your passcode or Touch ID to turn off a device.
As a paramedic, this is a great resource to have available. Another area I'd like to see added is a health card number. Although it is quite private and shouldn't be shared, a health card number allows for quicker access to medical records in emergency situations. Overall though, this is a great thing to have available. I hope lots of people use this.
Just download it through iTunes.
I never understood the need for the lock button to be on the side. When I'm locking my device, it's to put it down/away so it doesn't have to be one handed. I feel like it will get more accidental presses while on the side.
Ya these pictures are pretty weird. I like the squared off look on the iPhone 4-5S. So much cleaner looking. Once it is rounded, it looks more like plastic, like the iPhone 5C and all the android phones.
It's amazing to think about how these slight modifications are thought up by engineers and designers and the big impact they have (more room for other parts, etc)
My only complaint with Maps is that there is no way to turn off "toll roads". I live near a toll highway and Maps tells me to use it all the time, and often there are no offered suggestions without the toll road used. Other than that, it is great!
New Posts  All Forums: