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Apple can make a lot of money by selling back the electricity to the grid. Most electric companies will lock you in at a price, so getting in now will mean more cash in the future.
My parents computer is still running XP. I'll prob upgrade it to Win 7 soon so they can use it till their computer dies. I would never give them win8. That is cruel
Pretty much. Should have stuck with win 7. Hopefully they drop back to separate PC and phone OSs.
I liked the shelves!!!! Much warmer ad inviting I think. But I like the redesign too. I wouldn't want shelves in ios7 unless they were a glass shelving or something
Anyone think the bar at the bottom of the home screen looks like the taskbar in windows 7? I like the current one in iOS 6 better I think. But everything else looks nice. It's hard to tell from pictures what it will be like
The first photo of the dual flash looks like the phone has been dropped a few dozen times. It's super scratched up.
Agreed. It's a lot of personal opinion and personal attacks. Comments like "no one noticed or complained about Windows anyway" is just ignorant of the facts and bad research. I use a PC and tons of people (myself included) HATE windows 8 and will never upgrade to it.And people here use the word "troll" too often here. People who take the time to make honest comments are not "trolls". Just because you don't agree with their comments and are an uber Apple fan with blinders...
What if I want a mini galaxy phone that is waterproof? Can I combine multiple things together, a sort of "build your own phone - select your hardware and software"?
We shall see how fast ios7 rolls out! Will people who dislike it hold back? Or will it be the fastest downloaded and installed iOS to date?!
What would differentiate the "lite" version and the 5S? The case alone? Would it really be a ~$400 case? I don't think they would take out LTE as 3G is unbearably slow on my iPhone 4. Reduced camera quality? No Siri? I love having the newest gadget but the 5S will be expensive and if this "less expensive" version is still high quality with no real drawbacks then I would highly consider it over the 5S
New Posts  All Forums: