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I think different products have different electrical resistance and are more energy efficient, even if they use the same number of watts. You would have to checks amps and ohms and all that other fun stuff
Go ahead and waste money and electricity. I can't stand people who do things against the environment to try and prove a point against greenpeace.I in no way agree with Greenpeace or condone what they do, but we should take care of our environment. Recycling, not littering, making conscious decisions when purchasing products, such as Apple products; all these contribute to a better environment.Apple is making a smart decision here, continuing to be a leader in green...
I used this for all of 2 weeks when Facebook started going south. Then i realized how much it sucked and I've never used it since. Which reminds me, I should delete it off my iphone lol
Did any of you notice Microsofts' statement at the bottom? "Images may not be to scale" Yup, MS did that. Just to cover their butt. Most people won't see that and assume the Asus is better. That's bad marketing, but technically legal. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/compare#t1=asus-vivotab-smart Edit: noticed it's already been mentioned
I searched for it and couldn't find it...
It would remain the same would it not? The barge was originally loaded, causing more water to be displaced due to the added weight. Now, with the weight gone, the boat is lighter, causing less displacement, but the ore is now submerged in the water. This equals out.Similar to if I was floating in the water holding a rock. Our combined weight would displace the water more than just my normal body weight would. If i drop the rock and it sinks, I become lighter ( displacing...
Ah yes, forgot about that part. Makes more sense now
I'm sorry but I really don't think 50lbs will save 750,000$ per year in fuel costs. That's like saying me carrying an apple in my car will cost me 50$ a year more in gas (the math is not accurate but my point is made)
But those are the laws in China. If laws in The US were identical then you could complain. Canada's laws (in Ontario anyway) state that you have to have a 30 min break if you are working longer than 5 hours. But this may not apply in other provinces or countries. Apple (an more importantly Foxconn) must follow the laws of the land
I agree that this is probably just a prototype or they are using a different material inside to save on costs/lighten the device/etc. I don't think it has to do with colour changes
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