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And yes, 1-800 numbers are North American (possibly international but you would need to dial overseas number first so it would be something like 011 800 .....) I'm sure Siri would recommend calling a local agency or a National service in your country. She's (or he now?) pretty smart.
This is a good start. I think Siri should also be able to walk someone through CPR. That would be really beneficial. It could keep a timer going and tell you what to do, then contact 911 while continuing to show info on the screen.
That's a little unfair though as you can search "iPhone unresponsive" or iPad, iPod, etc and get similar results with forums and help sites for issues.Having said that, Apple products are far better than Android ones and Apple has great customer service so getting things fixed on a buggy or laggy iPod is much easier than on a nexus 7. And Apple products are made to last longer. We just upgrade because we want to! (Or they are no longer supported/upgrade able to the new iOS)
They need to fix the slow loading times and the "showing of most recent updates" (as it takes usually 3 refresh "pull downs" to get the most current information) The app itself is terrible and slow and freezes. Needs revamping.... Again
Ouch. That's a little harsh.
D-link's circular routers have been out for at least a year now, and they work quite well. The Samsung G-can is another matter altogether....
I guess it's like buying a house. Some people want the charm and character of an older style home, and others want a new, modern and clean design.Can't appeal to everyone. I'm excited to try it out when it is released. The colours and icons are a little weird (esp that Safari one) but I love all the new features, so it's ok.
I have a d-link router with smart beam tech that is also a cylinder. It has great range and speed. Apple prob stood the antennas up for maximum range. It will work very well I'm sure
I'm Canadian, so I'm pretty neutral on the whole president thing, but I'm sorry. Bush was pretty terrible. Every president has their problems, and Barack is not that great either, but you have to admit that Bush was pretty dumb. He was completely clueless most of the time.I feel like the quality of presidents continues to decline for you Americans. Clinton was pretty smart, made mistakes, sure, but is a smart man. (Not that Canada's gov is much better)
I remember a story on the NSA/FBI etc needing to wait 6 weeks or something for Apple to access a users data from their account/messages/texts etc. So they aren't providing direct access to the government. I don't think this is true. I'm sure some information is shared, but not to the extent that this story makes it out to be.
New Posts  All Forums: