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I think we are going to start seeing a dip in smartphone sales. Now that many people in the world have one (in countries with infrastructure and money) we will probably see a slowdown as people don't buy a new one every year. With phones lasting longer and of higher quality (in Apple's case anyway) people will hold into their phones and upgrade every 2 or 3 years, meaning less sales in general.
They should just use the iPhone 4 and upgrade its internals. Being 3 years old, it should not be anywhere near as expensive to manufacture now.
First 10 min are decent. Nothing like a movie made for theatres but decent nonetheless. I'll watch the rest tomorrow
I prefer the shape of the iPhone 5, without the teardrop shape. It would be nice to see an ultra thin iPad that is super slim without the teardrop. I know that other tablets go for that shape, so it's nothing new, but I love the feel of the aluminum and thin-ness of the iPhone 5. It's better than everything else out there.
Maps.But in terms of HW, I agree with your statement.
The sun went behind a cloud over their data centre.
When you have 1/7 of the world population, it's big news. Apple needs to consider these things (which I'm sure they already have). They must have decided that quality is better/more financially rewarding than quantity
I hope this iPad is stellar (like all the others have been). I've always wanted to get an iPad but haven't been able to justify the expense. Now that I'm done school and working, I can look at getting a new toy!
I hope the motor in the 5S is much better than my 4 motor. I had to replace mine in the 4 and it is still spotty, working sometimes and not others. I rely heavily on the motor as my job requires it on silence/vibrate
The newest thing right now is laser eye surgery to REMOVE glasses. Why would I want to go back to glasses after getting rid of them!
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