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It would remain the same would it not? The barge was originally loaded, causing more water to be displaced due to the added weight. Now, with the weight gone, the boat is lighter, causing less displacement, but the ore is now submerged in the water. This equals out.Similar to if I was floating in the water holding a rock. Our combined weight would displace the water more than just my normal body weight would. If i drop the rock and it sinks, I become lighter ( displacing...
Ah yes, forgot about that part. Makes more sense now
I'm sorry but I really don't think 50lbs will save 750,000$ per year in fuel costs. That's like saying me carrying an apple in my car will cost me 50$ a year more in gas (the math is not accurate but my point is made)
But those are the laws in China. If laws in The US were identical then you could complain. Canada's laws (in Ontario anyway) state that you have to have a 30 min break if you are working longer than 5 hours. But this may not apply in other provinces or countries. Apple (an more importantly Foxconn) must follow the laws of the land
I agree that this is probably just a prototype or they are using a different material inside to save on costs/lighten the device/etc. I don't think it has to do with colour changes
I'd like to point out that Google's I/O picture is THE ugliest slogan picture I have ever seen for a conference.
This would be great for deaf people. Could set it up so they know if they received a text or a FaceTime call is coming through. Very neat idea!
I hate virtual money. You buy something and have 3 coins left which will never be able to be used or converted back to real money. Just use real money! And really? 5 whole dollars! "Honey I'm retiring! We hit the jackpot!"
Walmart is doing this and destroying every store in its path. Idk why they are successful and others who try to "do everything" are not. Amazon has the money to do this stuff, just like Google. Doesn't mean they will be good at it though.
I refuse to even consider windows 8 until there is a normal start button. My desktop is not a tablet. Don't try and mix them
New Posts  All Forums: