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The sun went behind a cloud over their data centre.
When you have 1/7 of the world population, it's big news. Apple needs to consider these things (which I'm sure they already have). They must have decided that quality is better/more financially rewarding than quantity
I hope this iPad is stellar (like all the others have been). I've always wanted to get an iPad but haven't been able to justify the expense. Now that I'm done school and working, I can look at getting a new toy!
I hope the motor in the 5S is much better than my 4 motor. I had to replace mine in the 4 and it is still spotty, working sometimes and not others. I rely heavily on the motor as my job requires it on silence/vibrate
The newest thing right now is laser eye surgery to REMOVE glasses. Why would I want to go back to glasses after getting rid of them!
Having the scanner under the button makes it vulnerable to damage over time. The button gets a lot of use and can be pushed very hard. I don't think they will place it there And you can just enrol multiple fingerprints for different fingers. Not hard to have lots of them stored. And you could have others like a wife or child enrolled with certain permissions like app usage or call abilities
Because you can fake your age VERY easily. There is no check on age when you set up your account. You can pick any age you want. Then you just click "ok" when the warning comes up for age restriction. This is why Apple and other companies don't allow porn in their apps
This is no joke. Very real app.
It's because "mini" is the describing word. If it was part of the name (such as Mini Cooper) then you could patent it. If we allowed it, then you could patent colours and sizes too. Then it gets stupid. iPad green iPad huge iPad 2.0 iPad 5x Etc.... Apple doesn't patent their iOS numbers either. It's a descriptor. "iOS" is patentable. The 4, 5, 6, 6.1, etc are not.
Blackberry will do well in the smartphone arena as it is one of the few smartphones with a full physical keyboard. Although not for me, some still prefer physical ones over touch ones. This will be BB's strong suit. As for the tablet, I think they should stay out. Apple owns the tablet field and I'm not sure BB has anything new to offer. I hope BB can really push past MS and Google in the phone market and become what it used to be
New Posts  All Forums: