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Looks awesome but I wonder how accurate it will actually be. It could be very frustrating if you are doing homework, flip the page in your book and accidentally change the song on your iPod. Or if you are running, the hand motions might be triggered by your arm swings. I think it's a great idea but needs more time to be tested and perfected.
Ya, I was going to say, it shouldn't affect anyone unless they upgrade to 6.1.3. If they all stay at 6.1.2 then it will be fine.I'm too nervous to jailbreak my phone. I would do it with an iPod touch if I had one, but I don't want to risk it on my phone
When did this site become "Samsunginsider"? I've seen more posts on Samsung in the last few days than on Apple rumors and news in general.
Do people actually use this service? Seems like a waste of money. Download or purchase the songs yourself and then put them on your phone. Uses too much data to stream it. Rip CDs if you have to lol. Definitely not worth paying for (or using google's free service)
Console gaming is cheaper, and the games I find are more in depth and can be enjoyed with friends together on one screen.   Think about it: A 60GB PS3 (when released in 2006) was $600. Add 4 new games a year ($50 each = $200) which brings you to $2000 roughly for 7 years (depending on your game buying habits as some like to buy used instead, which is cheaper).   Buying an iPad (64GB model) is $700 plus say 1 new game a week ($75 per year - some games are more...
They should have just waited a few days and included it with 6.1.2. Kind of dumb to make so many updates. Many people probably don't even know that there was a 6.1.2, and now they have 6.1.3 coming......
They already did! The RMBP came down in price a few days ago
When did this speculation become fact? This article sounds like its stating a sure fire fact that Apple is making 4.8in screen phones in the future when we don't even know! I guess we will see. I love the 3.5 inch screen (iPhone 4) and I also like the 4inch screen.
I find this hilarious, but at the same time it makes you think. The idea of placing your hand on the Bible is so that you won't lie (as no one could ever lie and put their hand on a Bible! Lol) It doesn't mean anything for those who are not Christian, so why do they still do it? Politics follow those old traditions and its so hard to break from them. Unfortunately, we need to. I think once our baby boomers die off we will have a younger more willing generation who will see...
Somebody needs to leave his apartment once in a while. Almost all health professionals wear them at work, as well as others who can't have phones at work. I wear one all the time and also have my phone on me all the time.This looks more decorative than practical, however I'm sure Apple would do a nice job at figuring out what works. I look forward to seeing the final result (if in fact there is one)
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