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They should have just waited a few days and included it with 6.1.2. Kind of dumb to make so many updates. Many people probably don't even know that there was a 6.1.2, and now they have 6.1.3 coming......
They already did! The RMBP came down in price a few days ago
When did this speculation become fact? This article sounds like its stating a sure fire fact that Apple is making 4.8in screen phones in the future when we don't even know! I guess we will see. I love the 3.5 inch screen (iPhone 4) and I also like the 4inch screen.
I find this hilarious, but at the same time it makes you think. The idea of placing your hand on the Bible is so that you won't lie (as no one could ever lie and put their hand on a Bible! Lol) It doesn't mean anything for those who are not Christian, so why do they still do it? Politics follow those old traditions and its so hard to break from them. Unfortunately, we need to. I think once our baby boomers die off we will have a younger more willing generation who will see...
Somebody needs to leave his apartment once in a while. Almost all health professionals wear them at work, as well as others who can't have phones at work. I wear one all the time and also have my phone on me all the time.This looks more decorative than practical, however I'm sure Apple would do a nice job at figuring out what works. I look forward to seeing the final result (if in fact there is one)
True, but BB did have some pretty big releases back in the day. If they can match those numbers they are doing well
I hope BB does well. They had it going for a while until they stalled and became stale. This is a fresh new product, and although not for me, it will surely be popular
Are there any benefits to the iPhone 4 in this update? Doesn't seem like it.
Idk if I would need it for my iPhone but it would be useful for the iPad
I love this! As a paramedic, we use tablets/laptops to complete our call reports. I wish they would get iPads instead of all these other types but its a start in the right direction. There are so many benefits!
New Posts  All Forums: