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This is one reason I am proud to own Apple products. They know environmental concerns are important and they take action to be the best while considering the environment impact. Good job Apple. Regardless of what Greenpeace thinks, Apple is doing it right, as always.
Maybe something Apple should look at acquiring? Looks very innovative http://m.cnet.com/news/could-minuum-finally-evolve-the-virtual-qwerty-keyboard/57575214
Every OS has fragmentation. Not everyone updates right away. Older users may not even realize there is an update available. I wonder how many users are still using iOS 5.x. Granted its probably not nearly as bad as Android, but it still exists here.
I wouldn't want the sensor under/built into the button. Pushing on it all the time may damage it. Maybe it could be in the bottom right or left beside the home button and be buried under the glass. It wouldn't show, just like the sensor above the speaker and camera on the front. Nice and clean and simple.And NFC can still be used to hack into people's sensitive data. In the article below, hackers got into a Galaxy S3 (yes I understand its Samsung, and Android, however it...
That video was very Apple-esque in the way they interviewed people and showed the product. Obviously not the quality though, seeing as they were in a basement with no ceiling, sort of like a sweatshop or something.
I just hope Apple doesn't feel pressured to unveil a product early because their stock prices are low. We don't want things that are going to be rushed. Stay focused and release a polished product like always.
I live in the same area and used to have major issues with Apple Maps. I would have to type in the EXACT address, down to the postal code just to get the correct area. However, it has vastly improved now and is much better.I still find Apple struggles with searches though. I can type any street name into google (even if it is slightly misspelled) and google will find a street in the city that matches (or closely matches) my search. Apple can't do that, you have to be very...
Ice cream sandwich couldn't stand the cold
Battery life = Negligible *Note, unit must be plugged in to power on, otherwise unit will remain in a brick-like state.
Apple ][, Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world. If you can sell out there, it does mean something. I hope BB can make a good comeback. Although their devices do not interest me, they have tried really hard to get back in the game and I think that they have a fighting chance against Windows at least (def not Apple or Android).
New Posts  All Forums: