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I'm still curious as to why many people here want higher resolution screens with higher pixel densities. The higher the number, the more battery power required. And it wouldn't make a noticeable difference because you already can't see the pixels...
I think hackers are good in some respects (exposing government coverups, NSA stuff, etc) but hacking companies for "fun" or revenge or whatever is not constructive. I guess that's why there are different factions within the hacker community
Yes, as NoahJ said, I was referring to the fact that this has been incorporated into the iPhone since it's launch.
It's been 7 years... Time to move on, no?
I work at Best Buy and haven't set up a chrome book in 3 months, much less seen one bought. I have seen a few returned though.... Some people are interested in them until I tell them they can't use iTunes or office on it, then they quickly change their mind.
I didn't know the iPhone had a front facing flash....
Shouldn't a 79% rating be a B+? I know different countries have different grading systems,but a C+ rating makes me question siri's reliability and if I was a new consumer, I wouldn't buy or use the product. A 'B' would be average, meeting expectations.
Thank you for an honest and simple answer, and not sarcastically answering and yelling "troll".
I don't see the point of having a higher definition screen on the iPhone. I can't see pixels, so why go high def and force battery life to suffer?
How can they tell if it's boosting specs for benchmarks only? Could it be that it is boosting for all graphic and CPU intensive applications?
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