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And it's only available for Americans.... Facebook just can't get it right. This Top stories/news feed thing kills me. Let me have the Most Recent stuff and be done with it.
I'm not really liking these mockups personally. They seem to be more in line with all the other smartphones and not distinct at all. Now, granted they are all just rumored and what not. I like the square design of the 5/5S better than this rounded mockup. But, I still have 1.5 years left on my 5S so I won't be upgrading anyway.
Many doctor's offices and hospitals use Macs for computing and inputting data. Having an App Store section with various third party device hookups could be a big sell.
That's an excellent idea. Have a $100 ticket sale and lottery. Could also raise a lot of money
The article never explained why Apple maps were better than Google maps at finding Nessie! It kept saying they were but why???? More detailed in that area? More up to date? Constantly updated?
If Apple wants a payment system, they should buy an already established one. I feel like Apple is trying to expand too far out. Instead, buy Square or something similar and just integrate it. Trying to build their own may not work out or take a while to gain traction
That's a lot of glass, sitting on a fault line. Hope they engineer it to withstand some minor earthquakes.
I would be worried that it may turn into another "maps" thing. Taking on too many areas and trying to diversify your company can lead to watered down products. I'm not saying Apple can't do it, but there is a lot of work that would have to be done before it could be implemented, and I wouldn't want them to lose focus on their products and services already in place
I'm still curious as to why many people here want higher resolution screens with higher pixel densities. The higher the number, the more battery power required. And it wouldn't make a noticeable difference because you already can't see the pixels...
I think hackers are good in some respects (exposing government coverups, NSA stuff, etc) but hacking companies for "fun" or revenge or whatever is not constructive. I guess that's why there are different factions within the hacker community
New Posts  All Forums: