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How can they tell if it's boosting specs for benchmarks only? Could it be that it is boosting for all graphic and CPU intensive applications?
The Piano looks nice. I would take it
I agree. I really don't see this as being a big market, especially seeing as you need a phone as well to pair it with. I don't think a watch is the right device, but I'm not really sure what else could be done.
What about Mail for iOS? I often open emails from the lock screen by swiping but then after I close Mail it still shows the message as unread. Not a huge issue but another bug that needs squishing
Agreed. I use dashlane password manager and I can log in on the website to retrieve my passwords. Apple should use iCloud this way and allow you to access your keychain data by logging in to iCloud.com.
Finally, a fair review of a competitor's product. I personally dislike the surface but I like Win 7 and it's nice to see a fair review here. If you don't want to read it, then don't. It's nice to hear how the competition fairs against Apple's products.
If the 5S is selling better, then it makes sense to boost it's sales.
I'm not sure if a gold iPad will be released... They were scarce for the iPhone release which may mean the colour is more difficult to produce.
Holy cow! That's a lot of detectors! Our 2 floor (+ basement) 2000 sq ft home only needs 3 detectors - 1 on each level. And only 1 thermostat. When I get my own place, I would love to get a Nest product.
Can you imagine the battery life?!?! You could go weeks on 1 charge!
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