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IIt's MaBook!!!!! Don't touch it!!
I have found that typing is slightly more delayed, and Safari is quite slow at opening. Some apps crash now and then, but my battery life is slightly better with the upgrade. Overall it works well and I'm very happy, but I do miss not getting some of the features, like parallax and cool weather animations.
Gahhh!!!! 2.9 GB need to be free???? Definitely getting 32GB next time
Just downloaded from 11.1 from Apple's Website. Still nothing from Apple Software Update though...
But, have they fixed Itunes for PC so that it doesn't lag and hang so much. I understand it is made for Macs, but some of us don't have the luxury of having them. An increase in speed, esp during start-up would be great!
They JUST (in the last 2 months) switched over to 2 year contracts. Everyone is being forced to switch by December. I'm super excited for it! My iPhone 4 needs an upgrade
Here in Canada, plans are terrible. If you buy the iPhone from the carrier, you are usually (not always) forced to get a data plan. These plans often start at $50 and you only get 100-200 MB. It costs usually $70-80 a month to get 1-2 GB of data. I haven't even seen unlimited data anywhere (except on the HSPA+ networks).Oftentimes you have to buy the phone outright to take advantage of lower plans (20-30$ a month) but then you have to add data to those as they are just a...
Is this actually coming out or are they going to ditch it like their last one? It was kinda weird seeing them show it off at an Apple event and then it never came out... Looks good though
I don't think I could buy my iPhone without trying it in-store first. I want to feel the plastic and try the touch ID before deciding what to get. I want to see it all in person, so pre-ordering is not for me.
I'm guessing blue will sell out first, but I love the yellow!!!
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