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Here in Canada, plans are terrible. If you buy the iPhone from the carrier, you are usually (not always) forced to get a data plan. These plans often start at $50 and you only get 100-200 MB. It costs usually $70-80 a month to get 1-2 GB of data. I haven't even seen unlimited data anywhere (except on the HSPA+ networks).Oftentimes you have to buy the phone outright to take advantage of lower plans (20-30$ a month) but then you have to add data to those as they are just a...
Is this actually coming out or are they going to ditch it like their last one? It was kinda weird seeing them show it off at an Apple event and then it never came out... Looks good though
I don't think I could buy my iPhone without trying it in-store first. I want to feel the plastic and try the touch ID before deciding what to get. I want to see it all in person, so pre-ordering is not for me.
I'm guessing blue will sell out first, but I love the yellow!!!
I thought for sure that this would pair with Touch ID so it would save your passwords and just ask for your fingerprint to input the password for you.... Maybe it's not quite ready yet
All the news in Google News Tech section is saying that the iPhone is going to destroy Microsoft and there are a bunch of rave reviews. I don't know what you are reading....
The article is wrong. As TS shows, Apple has it listed as Pink. There is no red phone!!!!
Nope but there may soon be an Amazon phone that's free off contract lol
It seems like they have started 2 device categories; the S and the C. So the next iPhones would be the iPhone 6C and 6S.
I love the design, just thought it would be $429 or $499 off contract instead of $599 (Canada). Still pricey if purchasing an unlocked device, but definitely priced right at the subsidized level.
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