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It would be nice to know what an "employee blackout period" is.....
Here is a car analogy for you:Lexus makes premium cars.Lexus is owned by Toyota.Toyota makes entry level and mid tier cars.So is Lexus no longer premium because Toyota also makes cars in other categories?!? Does it cheapen the brand of Lexus because the basic engine and chassis are the same as an entry level Toyota?Apple can do premium and entry level and be successful in both areas.
I hope the "5C" (if true) is priced around $400 and has updated internals (like the 5 at least). I would definitely consider getting one over the 5S although the talk about this fingerprint sensor is intriguing and may sway my choice. It just sucks to have to pay $900 for a phone to get a cheap $35 plan (or pay $200 and pay $80 a month).
Water cooling
It would be nice and speedy but i think you would lose a lot of battery power to run the extra cores. Apple seems to favour a balance so I'm not sure if we will see quad cores quite yet.
It's unfortunate really. They used to provide good competition which spurs on innovation. Seeing as Samsung doesn't innovate, who is left to continue pushing Apple to innovate?
I most certainly believe you have that backwards. Apple is all about quality. Samsung is about quantity. Therefore quality>quantity
I have a Lenovo laptop that I got 6 years ago and it has a nice fingerprint sensor in it. It works great. It is mainly used for just logging in and then to open password manager. You just slide your finger along it. I think Apple's will work very well and it should be quite handy
The meat is white because it hasn't had blood or CO2 to give it the colour (you know they add carbon monoxide (CO) to your beef so it has that nice red colour at the market). And fat is what gives meat its flavour. This is strictly muscle so there is no fat, hence no flavour.
The process is pretty much the same as cloning. They are taking cells from a cow muscle and replicating them in a Petri dish. It's similar to how they grow organs in the lab for people to use in transplants.This means the meat is IDENTICAL to what you eat from the supermarket, except that it hasn't grown with fat and blood to give it the taste or colour of meat. Cells are cells, no matter where they are.It's an interesting concept. I think it is a good start and certainly...
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