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They may brand it as a California style phone that is waterproof and durable for all those people who are surfing and playing sports like in the commercials.
C is for Cookie lol Maybe it stands for "California"
I highly doubt that the fingerprint reader would be under a mechanical button. Too much movement that could cause wires to loosen or wear down. And the patent is for a reader under an LCD screen.... The home button doesn't have a screen on it. It would make more sense to have the sensor either directly on the screen itself, or just to the left or right of the home screen in the bezel area. Only a few months left till we find out!
I think the entire phone market is saturated. Now that everyone has one, phone sales will slow. It's the same in most electronic markets. People hold onto them for a few years (or longer in the case of tvs) so sales are generally slower.
It's funny how people say "it can know what I'm doing or where I am and react accordingly" but when Google uses Google Now, people say "they are spying on us, using our information, NSA blah blah". Yes I realize Apple is MUCH more secure with their data and doesn't sell it to others, but do you really want any company knowing what you are doing at all times of the day? Neat tech, will be interesting to see how/if they implement it and what the public will think of it.
I like the "touch the screen to take a picture" idea. It's much better than having to touch the screen to focus, then clicking the capture button. I'm still sure about the whole "talking to your phone" thing. I haven't had Siri yet (still on iPhone 4) so it really hasn't made an impression on me yet
A9 in 2015!?!? Are they going right to A7 in September? No 6X I guess. A7 with iOS 7
Battery could be built into the band, no? Or is battery tech not that far along?
Love Worms! Excited to get it on iOS. My only worry is that after buying the game, there will be more in-app purchases for extra weapons. I prefer games that are pay once for everything
Lol I don't troll. Post my opinion, read others. I try to be fair and unbiased, unlike some here. I prefer Apple products, but I'm not going to become religious and closed minded and only see the world through an Apple filter. If other companies do well, I give them credit where it is due (as long as it was fairly attained). If its Samsung, so be it. If they copied, I'll call them on it.
New Posts  All Forums: