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Battery could be built into the band, no? Or is battery tech not that far along?
Love Worms! Excited to get it on iOS. My only worry is that after buying the game, there will be more in-app purchases for extra weapons. I prefer games that are pay once for everything
Lol I don't troll. Post my opinion, read others. I try to be fair and unbiased, unlike some here. I prefer Apple products, but I'm not going to become religious and closed minded and only see the world through an Apple filter. If other companies do well, I give them credit where it is due (as long as it was fairly attained). If its Samsung, so be it. If they copied, I'll call them on it.
Apple only updates once a year, so kinda pointless for Apple customers....
Fair enough, but then we shouldn't think it's good data when Apple is on top. We just need to be honest, regardless of who is "winning"
I love how when Apple is on top, a lot of people here are like "take that Samsung! Apple is obviously going to be on top". Then, as soon as the data shows Samsung is in the lead, everyone is like "data is faulty, not reliable, could never happen". It's ok if Apple is not on top. We all know they make a superior product, but we shouldn't turn into those who skew the data or pick and choose based on what supports our position. Let the data stand for itself. Apple will be...
How would you turn it on and off? Volume? Looks a little nicer than the other rumored photos
Interesting review. Good, unbiased one at that (as many editorials and product promos are quite biased on AI). And it's nice that AI includes it here. I think it has a lot to do with the future of tech (not that Glass will be the future, but that the tech is there for items like this and new innovations are on the horizon) I think this is a neat toy, but definitely not for the general population.
While I agree that home schooling can make kids smarter, I find many of them to be socially awkward with few friends. (Not that there is anything wrong with only having a few friends)
I agree that allowing kids to learn at their own pace can be hard to implement, but we do have a few high schools schools here in Ontario that do just that. Students can complete the work whenever they want, as long as it is all completed by the end of term. If a student is motivated then it can work well, however there are lots of students who aren't, which creates problems.It will be interesting to see how this pans out. With the parents involved also, it may work quite...
New Posts  All Forums: