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 That's true, the amount of people I see turning their phones on silent and continue to message etc really does make me wonder!
 Cabin crew get pretty good training and there are only a small number of operating systems so I don't see this as a big deal. If you can't demonstrate it is in airplane mode the device must be turned off. A couple of high profile cases of large fines or removal from aircraft should provide suitable motivation from passengers  who want this benefit from learning!
This is a welcome policy review, I don't get to the states often but regularly fly in Asia and Europe and any changes the FAA make will likely be followed by other aviation authorities eventually.   I take a lot of 1-2 hour short hops and by the time passengers are allowed to use PEDs it is almost time to turn them off, (often 20-30 mins after take-off and 30 mins before landing).   This still leaves the problem that something as big as an iPad needs to be secured for...
Yes! At last. It would be even better if warranty issues could be less regionalised.
and another thank you.
Thank you for the info
How can a gun smoke when it hasn't been fired?   This 'email' was never sent so it never was an email     As this was never send but purely a draft it doesn't even qualify under the dictionary definition.   If this is the best the DOJ can do they are going to be seriously embarrassed.
I can't pretend to understand the details of this so I have a question for those more informed than me.   If this reduces the number of page in/out to the disk, is it likely to impact the life of the hard disk or SSD?   If this is an idiotic question I apologise in advance for my ignorance.
What!!!! There is going to be a new iPhone you say? Coming out in the fall you say?    How ridiculous /s
The issue is not really a radio one, it is just about two of the biggest companies in the world who are both used to getting what they want not being able to compromise. China Mobile want a better financial deal and Apple won't set up supporting telecoms (China Telecom and China Unicom) for a fall. Apple could have produced a unit that would work on China Mobile ages ago and it would have been worth it given the numbers they would instantly sell. Apple does not want to...
New Posts  All Forums: