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By the way I am not making a judgement whether the above is fair or not, it is just how it is. Personally I hope this gets resolved soon as I want to be able to buy the new iPad3 in China without having to pay scalpers fees or waiting till I am next abroad.
Yes you are right about the two systems. The legal system in HK is based on UK system (well England and Wales, Scotland has a slightly different legal system). In fact when the transfer completed the legal system was not frozen but has adopted most precedent set under UK law post 1997. The Chinese legal system is very different (not saying it is better or worse, that will depend on your point of view). A judgement in Hong Kong regarding a company in china could be...
I guess you are as frustrated as others have been that water damage excludes you from getting an unrelated repair within the normal warranty period. I know I would be so I am pretty careful with covers and cases but hindsight is a wonderful thing and rarely helpful to those who have already suffered misfortune. All I was going to suggest is that you take your device to an independent repairer, there are lots about in the UK and in China so I am guessing that there are...
Really? Apple have up to 100 billion in the bank, there is no way that is anywhere near enough to build the infrastructure needed, train the necessary engineers and management, relocate them to a suitable area, buy the machinery and robotics necessary and then deal with then import all the manufactured chips, glass, electronics and plastics or manufacture them somewhere close. Then pay for the considerably higher salaries. The NYT were not even close to being only...
You have the choice and some like a full size pic popping up when the phone rings - better to have a choice even if it isn't to everyone's taste
I am guessing that you sync your contacts with I-cloud which automatically makes the photos full screen whatever the resolution. If you turn off I-cloud sync and update your contacts with your mac contacts this "should' resisze the photos - well it worked for me!
According to Apple specs TM should support a theoretical 50 users max so I would call apple support for suggestions or a replacement if they can't think of a fix.
This seems to have cropped a few times in the last month. It sounds like your problem is related to your user account permissions and a problem with safari and I would recommend you have a look here for potential solutions.https://discussions.apple.com/thread...art=0&tstart=0 I am not an expert but hope this helps
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