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It is hard to find a poor high ranking official in China and of the few who don't have overt wealth well they seem to have exceptionally successful families!Most Chinese also think all the best scams were invented in the West and have just been imported to China during the last few decades. To be fair there are some good examples given!
The Chinese banks (state owned) were owed a lot of money by Proview.State owned enterprises (or part state owned) enterprises are obliged to pay dividends which end up in both state and party coffers.If you were a senior member of the party and a representative of the Government in China, what outcome would you be pushing for??
You may be right about Apple China not being able to fix under warranty any foreign bought iPhones but I had mine replaced in the Apple store Bejing under warranty even though it was an American 4s bought on the grey market in China. Obviously somebody didn't get the memo!
If it isn't the 25th it probably be one of the other 9 days available in July :/s
No it is a sign of  some people who want jobs that are seen as better than the other options available that include better than average employers, safe and clean accommodation at a price that allows the individuals to send money back home for family, healthcare. Earnings that (including basic overtime) are higher than the average earnings in the city.
To describe PRC as a a communist country nowadays would be laughable as it hasn't been for many years (if it ever was in anything other than name). The employee protection legislation has been in place for some time but has been rarely used or enforced unless there have been significant abuses or a story has become particularly embarrassing.   The changes that have taken place were influenced by a number of factors, such as Governmental policy, Corporate responsibility of...
you're being sarcastic now aren't you 
No problem, I got confused by what was being offered on what platform myself when the announcement came out I really thought they they would give us a unified search bar on IOS as it would make even more sense on an IOS device.    
This was a case of do-gooders not understanding what the 'poor suffering' workers wanted. Some wanted less hours, some wanted higher hours and unsurprisingly all wanted a better higher hourly rate (but who doesn't?). So really all most wanted was a choice! This has now been removed to the detriment of the people these idiots were trying to protect.   As for the crowds queuing up outside, that isn't unusual but I haven't been over to that side of town this week but might...
The UI of Chrome is pretty good but all of it's advantages are negated for me because it can't be used as the default browser.   Do I want this to change? No way, given Googles performance over cookies I wouldn't trust them to have high level access to my phone. What I would like is for Apple to adopt some of the best bits of Chrome on IOS, the unified search, and the tab navigation are the two I would want them to start with.   Well I can hope :)
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