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That is spooky, I posted a comment to this thread a few minutes ago and it hasn't appeared, does anyone else find the forum doesn't like iPad very much? Anyway, I wanted to express my sympathy to all of you in the US, you seem to get very expensive restrictive contracts from the national telco companies. But then I am amazed that a country with your population only has four major players, this is the spiritual home of capitalism and the land of the free, isn't it?
What is good to see is Apple trying to get some of the IOS 6 features on older machines, I assume they are are being discerning to ensure that user experience is not downgraded to much. (although I expect there will be at least a few posts saying that Applebis holding back features just to encourage sales of new product!)
I know what the benchmarks say but I put my new iPad next a 2 last week and we ran a few a few apps and the new iPad just beat the 2 every time. There wasn't much difference but enough to notice, they are both 32 Gb. The weight is noticeable when weighing one in each hand but not a problem in day to day use.
Genuine question, is it probable that Apple will have had time to include the smaller Sim into its new iPhone?   Or, was it Apples intention to use this Sim no matter whether it was ratified as a standard?
I couldn't agree more, there is a reason why smartphones and iPads have become popular and that is because they have been made both useful and interesting by how they can now be used.   Things have changed so much in the last 4 years.
So true, as a consumer it is frustrating, I can only imagine how difficult it must be for a developer to get their programme found by enough people.
Yep, they usually get that right but I would like to see an update to Pages and Numbers (Keynote is still very good). It has been a few years (three?) since a proper update. Office 2011 is a resource hog (especially Excel) it doesn't have all the features of the windows version but there just isn't a competitive office suite that is elegant, stable, and feature rich as well as compatible. It is about time Apple pulled their finger out and showed MS how it should be...
Got to agree with you here, some of the changes with Lion were really useful, some less so but like you I would like to see a bit more speed.   Well a lot more would be even better.
I wonder how many of the first generation Fires are being used regularly after only 6 months from anecdotal evidence, not as many as Amazon would have hoped.   So who will buy them this time around? A lot of people bought these as gifts and the recipients concluded they either didn't need or want a tablet, it didn't have the right OS or ecosystem on it, or it just wasn't an iPad!   For prospective customers they may still not want a tablet, they are still on the...
Seems to me (not being any kind of expert in American law) that Posner is using the wrong platform at the wrong time for the wrong message.   He may well have an interest in patent litigation, which is why he requested a case of this nature in the first place but having sat through two years of this, he seems to be using it as a springboard to get himself heard for an agenda that is separate to the case he just dismissed.   Whatever his intention in speaking to...
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