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  I don't think Apple wants to compete in the server space, nor do I think they can...  Linux already has the infrastructure market wrapped up, with players such as IBM, Oracle, Red Hat specializing in infrastructure...     The server/infrastructure market is too different from the consumer market Apple competes in.  Things Apple specializes in like industrial design and UI design doesn't really translate to a cluster of servers...
Doesn't surprise me.   Not that it matters.  Feng Shui is most closely associated with Taoism.  Of course, Zen Buddhism has Taoist influence, Steve Jobs was a Zen Buddhist - but then again he was a bad Buddhist...  
  My own analysis is pretty much the same.  I bought at 630.
  Well, this morning I sold my longest held investment, so I bought a few Apple shares for the hell of it.  Already up on my investment.  I think ~630 was support for the near term, I expect it to go back up approaching the release of the iPad mini.     Long term, I don't like Apple's bullying business tactics and lack of openness - closed ecosystems have always failed historically.  But short term - Android and Windows OEMs continue putting out garbage (except my 2...
The point is that this specific patent was filed in 2011, and there is prior art for this specific functionality.     You also can't claim that the Newton was the first with stylus functionality, because it wasn't.     If Apple had invented this specific functionality in the 1980's they should have filed the patent then, but they didn't.  This specific patent already exists in many usable and functional forms.  
I did notice this.  Macs seem to be preferred at the University I go to.    Except in the Business faculty (where I am).  There it's all ThinkPads, EliteBooks, and Dell Latitudes... 
No, but odds are with so much prior art (dating back to the 1950's), Apple will have a tough time proving their patent is different enough...   Using a stylus with a computer was one of the very first techniques to interact with a computer, pre-dating the mouse.
Actually there are patents for handwriting recognition that pre-date Apple itself, and there were products that incorporated it that pre-dated the Newton. 
More like unable to scroll smoothly because the entire display manager runs on top of Java...     OSes like Maemo,  Meego, WebOS and now Tizen were always technically better than Android, but Android won because of Google's support. 
Plenty of Tablets (including those ill-fated Windows tablets that came out circa 2002) have included various forms of handwriting recognition, handwriting to typed text, smoothing, palm/hand recognition, etc...     I know Lenovo tablets (both the X230t and ThinkPad tablet) have it, Adobe has been mentioned, Wacom has it, Palm also had their own version, and I'm sure others.    If Apple does get this patent, no way it sticks - way too much prior art.  
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