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  The problem with C# and .NET isn't speed or usefulness, but that it's Microsoft and runs on a proprietary system (CLR).  The JVM is just as quick, just as useful, more languages compile to Java bytecode (Scala, Groovy, Ceylon, Clojure, JRuby, Jython, etc...), and it runs equally well on Linux, OSX and Windows.  
Just went to the Office 365 website, it told me my browser (Chrome Beta) is outdated, and I should install the latest Internet Explorer (never mind that I'm on Linux).     Microsoft is going to be completely irrelevant in a few years.  Apple broke their desktop dominance, iOS and Android ended PC dominance in general, and Linux is ending their server dominance.  Web apps are the future, and Microsoft sucks at them.  They also suck at pricing, and a number of other...
Generally anti-virus is a waste of time on OSX, Linux, and Unix-like OSes...  Just don't be stupid and sideload random apps, or browser plugins.
  Developers, people who want software that's not available on Google Play (like Firefox Aurora).     On Android, sideloading is often used for installing alternative app stores (like Amazon's), or installing apps from another program (the Opera browser has it's own Android app store).  
Bad move by Apple.  This will discourage developers, the prospect of someone else having 100% control over your revenue stream is a scary one...
  Because most of the patents are silly.     Translucent images and text selection...  Really?  How are these even patents to begin with?  
  A few of the comments mentioned it, and seeing as how it's the time of year, and how notorious Google is for pranks (and how manly Sergey Brin is), it only makes sense.   (BTW, the 'manly' comment is in reference to Sergey Brin calling smartphones 'emasculating'...)   Oh yeah, forgot to mention, Russians hate hipsters (but ironically love beards).
  Dunno, that's a pretty sweet April fools gag...  Turning your boss' Tesla into a pink batmobile.
Kind of in line with what I expect from this forum.     Reinforces the idea that Apple is a religion... http://www.zdnet.com/anthropologist-confirms-apple-is-a-religion-7000006377/ http://www.cnn.com/2011/TECH/gaming.gadgets/05/19/apple.religion/index.html
I doubt most of those users care...
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