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Guess I missed out, I had 209mb left on the free plan
Do we have to wait for the 19th to see these in a store and figure out what size screen size to buy?
I still have the 4s, my wife has the 5s but I don't like how tall and narrow it is. Does anyone know from the pictures if the 4.7" model will be like a 4s but stretched equally in both directions(can't think of the proper term)? Like a 4s but bigger? I would really prefer a 6 in a thinner 4s case like a poster above mentioned.
It happened. The hospital is funded partially by the state. All kinds if non-sense happens there. She was against the purchase and made a huge ordeal, she left a short time after. The people she had gotten on her side were older and had no idea what was true or not.
It's a large research hospital, my brother is a director also. He was forced to set up a demonstration/test since she had gotten everyone worked up about it and filed a formal complaint for fraud/waste/abuse. In the end she looked like a fool. He still laughs about it.
Can't wait to get one of these. My brothers work recently bought a flir for 15,000 dollars. A couple months later one of the female directors wanted an investigation into why funds were wasted on the flir instead of downloading the .99 thermal image app in the App Store like her little son did.
Does the Atv have Amazon instant or Plex yet? Bought a newer Roku about 8 months ago and I need another one before Christmas. Would love to pick up an Atv, but not having plex and Amazon is a deal breaker.
I didn't even know this was a feature. I've been using Thank You Pro since reading an article about it. They actually have added a lot if features over the last year or so.
no problem here when posting a reply with mobile or desktop selected.  my wife had this problem with facebook though.  If you hold down the little keyboard icon on the keypad you should get a "dock" or "undock" prompt hit that and you should be fine.  When its undocked the keyboard floats in the middle of the screen.
Just ordered 3.  Can't wait until next Friday.  
New Posts  All Forums: