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Is the battery life of the new MacBook comparable to the air?
Anyone know the resolution on this one? I heard the last one wasn't that great.
Actually it would be like the iPhone 6 getting an A7 and the 6+ getting the A8. So now screen size denotes "luxury" and not preference? So for the iPhone S models next year we can expect the same A8 processor for the 6 and the 6+ will get the A9?I have no idea why you are trying to compare a macbook vs macbook pro, so lets take a look at macbook airs and compare them amongst themselves and not other product categories.11' 128GB vs the 13" 128GB model, the only difference...
yes it does.  looks like they lost 150 from me x2.
thats disappointing, Ill just pick up an mini retina now.  Anyone know if they are keeping the 32GB versions?
Guess I missed out, I had 209mb left on the free plan
Do we have to wait for the 19th to see these in a store and figure out what size screen size to buy?
I still have the 4s, my wife has the 5s but I don't like how tall and narrow it is. Does anyone know from the pictures if the 4.7" model will be like a 4s but stretched equally in both directions(can't think of the proper term)? Like a 4s but bigger? I would really prefer a 6 in a thinner 4s case like a poster above mentioned.
It happened. The hospital is funded partially by the state. All kinds if non-sense happens there. She was against the purchase and made a huge ordeal, she left a short time after. The people she had gotten on her side were older and had no idea what was true or not.
It's a large research hospital, my brother is a director also. He was forced to set up a demonstration/test since she had gotten everyone worked up about it and filed a formal complaint for fraud/waste/abuse. In the end she looked like a fool. He still laughs about it.
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