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Does the Atv have Amazon instant or Plex yet? Bought a newer Roku about 8 months ago and I need another one before Christmas. Would love to pick up an Atv, but not having plex and Amazon is a deal breaker.
I didn't even know this was a feature. I've been using Thank You Pro since reading an article about it. They actually have added a lot if features over the last year or so.
no problem here when posting a reply with mobile or desktop selected.  my wife had this problem with facebook though.  If you hold down the little keyboard icon on the keypad you should get a "dock" or "undock" prompt hit that and you should be fine.  When its undocked the keyboard floats in the middle of the screen.
Just ordered 3.  Can't wait until next Friday.  
is the 4g model available for preorder or just the wifi model?  
If I preorder a couple for Christmas do you think I need to charge them every once in awhile so the battery doesn't fully drain?  
  I believe he was being sarcastic.
I have one friend that bought a Fire for his daughter and she hates it.  I was at a party this weekend and there happened to be a few UPS drivers there and we started discussing the iPhone 5 launch.  They are always amazed at the amount of apple deliveries surrounding release days.  I asked about the Fire, they said In the beginning they made a few deliveries a day, but not much since. 
I don't believe amazon acknowledges the source.
        If the next killer app requires LTE, it will be deleted from most phones after people receive the first bill with the overage charges.  LTE won't be needed until these ridiculously low data caps are raised.  
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