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Wow, Apple has NO IDEA what they're doing with social media... why the hell would someone reblog their actual ad graphics?
8MP lenses is misleading as shit, the lens has no fixed resolution, only the sensor does...
Becuase that makes any fucking sense at all -_- Now, if Microoft was actually intelligenent, which as weall know, they're not even close to being intelligent, but alas, what SmartMicrosoft should do, is lower Enterprise fees, instead of raising Consumer fees, but how would Microsoft get it's moniez? Microsoft needs it's moniesssssss!!! *Rollseyes*
I know that he was guessing, but he made it sound like if it doesn't come out on the 14th, it probably won't happen this month, and honestly, I'm tired of iTunes 10. :c
Really? -_-think more abstractly damn.
Dude, Balmer sounds a lot like Romney.
it was supposed to be here on the 14th, is what I read, but I'm not sure where, anyway, is Apple gonna blow through ANOTHER fucking release date?
Xcode also got an update guys.
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