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"Seems that the function-set of a smartphone has more or less been finalized and that we can't expect too much more to come in the next couple of years"  This reminds me of claims in the late 1800's when the industrial revolution had peaked and people actually considered closing the patent office because "nothing new could possibly be left to invent". Some people will never have any vision. 
Am I the only one to think Dan was a hot model or just the only on to admit it? Dan made the new phones sexier than Apple could have.
This device appears to be not so much a consumer device which delivers content to the consumer but instead make the consumer's vital signs the content. Is this device more suited to health care providers such as hospitals, doctors, etc... and not the casual (not training for the Olympics) individual? This is a huge step away from Apple's core business and what is too stop them from making iWalkers, iHospital-Beds, etc... The scariest part of this is if insurance companies...
I could care less.
Yosemite will be a mountainous upgrade.
The WWDC stage was the right place to speak directly to developers about Android's shortcomings especially in regards to customers being able to run new and updated versions of their apps. The press was listening as well and writing your story is better than having a pundit invent it.
The sheep often called the American consumer will accept it the same way they accepted 33% of their TV time is advertisements, movie theaters showing ads before the feature, ads embedded into content such as sitcoms, ads on just about every web page that exist, etc...
Doesn't value have something to do with actual "value"?
Still down 4:18 eastern time Thursday.
iYoga pad anyone? I know that millions and millions of iPods were sold but I never owned one despite my love of music, being plugged into a device which removed me from my surrounding never appealed to me. Will non-atheletes and non-fitness buffs buy these health devices from Apple or other vendors? Will people start staring at their heart rates monitors when out for dinner with friends? Is Apple looking to revolutionize a niche market? Will this device leave us scratching...
New Posts  All Forums: