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Would it not have been cheaper to pay a nominal fee to the original patent holders instead of all this nonsense?
Google sees it is in big trouble and made a desperate move to ward off or at least ease the tsunami of law suits coming its way. Time will tell if the money was well spent or a rash decision. The Droid OEMs may be getting the picture that they should unhitched their wagons from the google horse before any advantage a "free" OS offered them will soon be worthless.
Live in NYC and walk like most New Yorkers to get from here to there. I have never seen anyone in a park, cafe, coffee spot, or anywhere outside of Best Buy even holding another tablet. Who on earth is suppose to be buying these things? Then again I may have confused the Samsung tablet with an iPad...
There are some excellent observations of QBs here but if you really want intuit to listen maybe email them and tell them directly, venting here may feel good but won't bring change.
Android phone makers are in denial that Google will not be pouring all the best Droidy goodness in their new pet Motorola. I doubt Moto will have the design and engineering skills to match the other handsets already out there.
The world was a very different place in the 1950's. Steve's (adoptive parents) are sure were thrilled when they got the chance to adopt infant Steve. We have no way of knowing if Steve was raised by his biological parents if he would have been the creator of Apple. What influence and interest he may have pursued and we would literally be living in a different world now. I am not a fatalist but it is fascinating to think about decision we make sometime daily that have an...
The sign that you are in a cheap restaurant is a menu with 600 options on it. Perhaps Windows 8 should be called "Diners ate" Had to use a friends Win laptop and IE and I could not believe how little actual browser window was left between the bulk of upper menus and the disaster below it. It was like looking at the web through Venetian blinds.
which have proven over the last 15 years that there is more profit to made by investing in factories oversees and not in the USA. I wish our government would invest in small businesses, time after time new jobs come from grassroots economic growth. Corporations are mature, go where labor is cheaper and taxes are lower. A small business immediately pumps tax money into a local economy and will hire within that community. Congress has got this all backwards and either has no...
A tablet by its very name describes a rectangular shape however and a simple form can have a great variety of distinctive design details. Samsung's tablet is a copy without any effort to differentiate it from the iPad. Apple is protecting its interest and design prowess and does not want consumer confusion for this product line. Look at the old beige box PC as manufacturers to a common form but made them clearly different from their competitors. This is not the case of...
Banning this might even create some desire to possess one.
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