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Grand Central is a must stop whenever I have friends and family visiting New York City wishing to take in some of its landmark buildings and culturally important places. Although Grand Central is not really a tourist shopping destination the way the 5th Ave store is, the terminal is constantly filled with travelers, commuters and tourist. If Apple wins the bid I am sure they will respect this landmark for what it is and turn 2 underused areas of the great hall into...
When America was a huge manufacturing company most of it's work force worked in factories, sweat shops, foundries etc... Since most of those industries have for good what is left are white collar and service jobs. White collar jobs pay much better than working in retail or other service places. If you are young, are without a college degree (sometimes with a degree) or live in an area with few economic opportunities chances are you work at a mall, restaurant or some...
and businesses are supposed to grow each year and do what is necessary to grow each year. I agree things can get a little out of hand judging one month does not show a trend and there are many factors that need to be calculated to see what is really going on. I would not call investors "greedy" either. These people give Apple their own money and in return Apple grows those profits along with the company. This is how the world works. Don't take it so personal.
"Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is anticipated to be released at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference during the first week of June.[/QUOTE] Not released but anticipated?
No more tracking my box sale on UPS or Fedex, no need to head down to my closest Apple retail store.
Whatever iCloud is all about I just hope it is seamlessly integrated with Mac OS and iOS. The idea of waiting for documents to load from a cloud (every time) doesn't sit well with me. I know that will be an option like we already have with iDisk, how off location our files and data will be in the future remains to be seen. Side note, never liked mobileme as a moniker or .me as an address. iCloud is distinctly and Apple product name without being too obvious. PS a...
Every three years you hang some new curtains on the same old windows, every computer that is not a Mac needs its (sorry Linix hard to get a PC without Windows shipped on it) and then copy the software onto a million CD's and make a killing. Not the same thing as developing, merchandising new products each quarter and throw in a product platform that didn't exist the prior year (iPad).
Sorry guys I don't object to the toning done of the GUI in Lion. The evolution of has been a gradual refining in my opinion and not a sudden jolt towards a more minimalist look. Having colorful easy to spot scroll bars are really not that important today with all the gestures built into Mac OS X and of course iOS. How many times do you mouse to the scroll bars to scroll a webpage or other file? Comparing what was good for users 20 years ago in a GUI is ridiculous as well....
This is incredible news especially if you believe a second of what the Android cult is flapping about. To each his or her own but Apple is doing a lot of things right with it's iOS platform and shipping products. Well done Steve and company.
I can hear the droids complaining that Apple is too aggressive protecting a giant lead in a product category they literally created. The 'me too" pads will just have to wait to get the components they will need to compete.
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