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Support our troops, mission accomplished, and war on terror.
From what I remember the "speed lead" went back and forth a few times in the 90's after the initial release of the G3 machines. I recall watching Jobs' Macworld keynotes demonstrating this. Having said that there was always the question of how do you compare or run the same performance tests on different hardware running different operating systems. Regarding Apple's switch to Inel, these days we really have one company leading the processor world (for PC's) Apple removed...
that's not even legal
We all know about the devastation in Japan does that mean we are not allowed to get excited about something good that happens here? I donated money to the Red Cross and I did it on my iPad.
Really it looks like tech consumers that consciously purchase a Xoom or other Android tablet are doing so purely out of spite which is not a good way to spend $500 or should I say $800 in the case of the Xoom. I say let them lug that hunk of Google goodness around and tell everyone how "open" it is, and how much more RAM or some other pointless spec it wins over the iPad. The truth is there is no other company in the so called tablet wars that really can match the iPad as...
Is it not possible for Adobe to make an app that allows for creation of animation (timeline) directly in HTML 5? Not a nerd here but doesn't Dreamweaver create html code for websites already, why does HTML 5 appear to so intimidating to some developers and Adobe? Can anyone help here?
don't understand how you can be knighted by England's queen if you are not subject to her rule? Is this the UK's version of a Nobel prize? Can anyone explain this?
Rumors, speculation and wish list fantasies make every Apple product revision a .5 upgrade. Yes some of the purported "features" will be missing but this doesn't mean the new iPad will be a stunted product not worthy of a version 2 status. Apple has been watching the Android pads and really needs to define how much better the iPad is to anyone of those clones. 6 months from now would be too soon for another update and would only make sense if Apple wanted to realign...
Verizon iPhone sales will be by the high end of the Android customer base. The rest will be happy with... well an Android phone.
I guess that leaves Windows (Microsoft and any one of their hardware venders) or open source Linux with another PC manufacturer with pristine environmental and fair labor records. Please let us know which one that is when you find out, okay?
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