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Hey Obi try not calling others "morons" for starters one of them could be your boss. Being nicer can get you far.
I'm still using the first iPhone, it works well does what I need, I will only buy a new one if this one croaks.
That guy is like "so west coast?" sentences end going up and as in with a question and not a statement.
The past few years have shown the industry that at the end of the day what you can do with your computer, desktop of mobile depends on the software, the OS and the apps. Although Apple has the most beautiful hardware on the market in my opinion many venders are catching up in the way of specs. Software however is another big part of the success equation and both Microsoft and Google have proved that making a great operating system is hard.
design monkeys can come up with a me too product that doesn't come this come to a complete copy of Apple's products. Unless J. Ivy has a separated at birth twin in Korea this stuff is a big rip off.
I am walking down the street and decide for some reason to use the ipod part of my iphone. I am not satisfied with the 2000 songs on that device I just want the option to choose from 20,000 songs right? No. There is a point when the "wanting more" has got to end and we can take a walk without the desire to buy something.
I agree Balmer appears to be navigating the ship in big loops and Microsoft is getting no where fast. Remember it is very hard as most tech company CEOs will tell you to be Apple. Microsoft has a solid enterprise business but their consumer business is going to Apple at a steady pace. Perception is important and Microsoft is now thought of for its many failures in the past several years. The shine it once had is now dull. Perhaps if the DOJ had split them up in 2001-2 we...
Grand Central is a must stop whenever I have friends and family visiting New York City wishing to take in some of its landmark buildings and culturally important places. Although Grand Central is not really a tourist shopping destination the way the 5th Ave store is, the terminal is constantly filled with travelers, commuters and tourist. If Apple wins the bid I am sure they will respect this landmark for what it is and turn 2 underused areas of the great hall into...
When America was a huge manufacturing company most of it's work force worked in factories, sweat shops, foundries etc... Since most of those industries have for good what is left are white collar and service jobs. White collar jobs pay much better than working in retail or other service places. If you are young, are without a college degree (sometimes with a degree) or live in an area with few economic opportunities chances are you work at a mall, restaurant or some...
and businesses are supposed to grow each year and do what is necessary to grow each year. I agree things can get a little out of hand judging one month does not show a trend and there are many factors that need to be calculated to see what is really going on. I would not call investors "greedy" either. These people give Apple their own money and in return Apple grows those profits along with the company. This is how the world works. Don't take it so personal.
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