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Watch them all brag about how many tablets they sold in the 2011 after slashing the price within pennies of the actual cost.
I've been using Lion for a week or two now and I love a lot of the changes in the GUI many of which are subtle and elegant. However some of the iOS implementation such as Launch pad has no place in my daily routine. I really don't find Launch pad a shortcut and more convenient way to my apps, a click on the Applications folder is not that difficult and it offers me more sorting options. Mission Control most likely has is fans but again I don't find myself having any need...
The technology and the practical use of touch as interface input is still early. Pushing buttons will be part of the past and gestures will increase on more electronic and mechanical devices to come.
A lot of great things came out of garages in America, rock & roll and Apple.
if any of you have ever designed something, say a website or a log, you would understand what is involved in creating something not only distinctive but in the case of a user interface the amount of hard work it takes to be successful. There was not GUI like the iPhone before the iPhone. Tablets looked nothing like the iPad, they had pens were clunky and nobody bought them. Apple spends years developing hardware, software and an entire eco system around these products only...
Hey Obi try not calling others "morons" for starters one of them could be your boss. Being nicer can get you far.
I'm still using the first iPhone, it works well does what I need, I will only buy a new one if this one croaks.
That guy is like "so west coast?" sentences end going up and as in with a question and not a statement.
The past few years have shown the industry that at the end of the day what you can do with your computer, desktop of mobile depends on the software, the OS and the apps. Although Apple has the most beautiful hardware on the market in my opinion many venders are catching up in the way of specs. Software however is another big part of the success equation and both Microsoft and Google have proved that making a great operating system is hard.
design monkeys can come up with a me too product that doesn't come this come to a complete copy of Apple's products. Unless J. Ivy has a separated at birth twin in Korea this stuff is a big rip off.
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