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@solipsismx 04/24/2014 10:09 AM I am old enough to remember the introduction of the Walkman which never had the popularity or the distraction power of today's mobile devices. You listened to music on a Walkman, your only interaction was to press stop and play. TV is and always has been a passive distraction and until recently people didn't watch TV while walking down the street, eating in a good restaurant or behind the wheel of a car. Mobile devices which promise us a...
People that are likely addicted to checking their phones every 30 seconds to see if they are missing something, a text, email, Facebook update, whatever.... Will most likely carry that obsession over to the rumored "iWatch" device by checking the pulse rate, how many steps and calories they have burnt so far and any other non-critical nonsense this device serves up. Why so cranky? Look how a generation has lost the ability to live without an electronic device in hand at...
No I said nothing like that. Most car companies follow design ideas the way most newer models have smaller almost triangular windows for the back seat sides. This is following a trend in the industry. To take details which are so closely associated with a brand and paste it onto your companies product crosses this line. The use of a large screen without a physical keyboard is not a feature that is in dispute since it is a logical step in the evolution of phones, however...
I remember a moment from last year's Apple vs Samsung when the judge held up an iPad and a Galaxy tab(?) and asked the Samsung lawyers if they could tell which tablet was their client's. They responded that they could not. There is a point to designing a product that takes inspiration from another but a line is crossed when your product is a direct copy or close enough to blur any distinction between the two in regards to consumers. When an artist creates a fake Andy...
I guess Samsung is like a teenage girl that justifies her existence by how many selfies she can capture.
@Mark Do you think other factors such as tariffs or taxes could be at play as well?
The comparison of the old iWork icons vs the new "flat" icons shows how long in the tooth the glossy bubble icons really are. I am in favor the new icons for they represent a return to what an icon is intended to be, a clear, quickly recognized representation of an idea or object. The less complex the icon is drawn the faster you brain understands it. 
I don't doubt the design gurus at Apple to be wrong with the color selection and I'm sure they did plenty of research into which colors would be popular for the big push in China which has be Samsung's biggest market for years now. Why would Apple make a cheap phone to satisfy some pundits or part time pundits commenting here? Teen girls will love the new phones, the pop colored cases are a perfect accessory. 
If you want free I'm sure there is an Android handset out there waiting for you. 
Space gray is the new black, literally.
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