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All the hand wringing about Snow being "just an under the hood bug fix" without any new features seems ridiculous now. We are probably a year away from this update's release and it already appears to offer more than first thought. It may not offer 300 new features like Leopard but refinement of the GUI, speed, and probably a merging of iPHone technologies will make this a very exciting version of Mac
I love what Jobs said about the one homerun hit over and over again regarding the iPhone. This really clarifies the how the iPhone was thought out. One model priced and positioned perfectly in the smart phone market. Streamlining your product line and sending a precise message is the key to Apples success.
Woz for all his genius was more an engineer and not the visionary of Apple. He makes some obvious points about iPods and saturation but this is true of all technologies, evolve or go extinct. Just look at what has happened to the telephone and the first recorded music player and you will see how people will always want the ability to communicate at a distance and being entertained with music. The next big gadget? If history tells us anything it will be based on gadgets we...
I agree so far CS 4 (didn't CS3 just come out) doesn't sound like a must have upgrade although all those websites and magazines that take Adobe ad money will rave about it. Unless there is really a must have feature in one of these apps save yourself some $ and wait another 18 months till CS5.
I don't want to appear insensitive but it looks like Steve is wearing the same clothes he wore before his illness. A better fitting shirt and trousers would help him from looking like he is shrinking. Steve please go shopping for a better fit at least until you get some of that lost weight back.
Not a geek but not clueless either, my 2008 Mac Pro will benefit by using 8 gigs or ram or not? Anyone?
Unfortunately many websites are built around IE's "standards" so no matter how genius Safari, Firefox or any of the other browser develop it's still the Microsoft bottleneck in place.
GPS? Someone please tell me why GPS is so important for anyone to have? I always know where I am don't you?
Has anyone tried installing the Time Machine software on a Mac connected to an Airport Extreme? It seems unlikely but worth a try no?
The UK uses the Pound Sterling, Sweden uses the Kronor, Italy, France and Germany use the Euro, are CDs price exactly the same in all of these places? The UK has the strongest currency in the world right now, the Dollar is at an all time low, I'm not sure how this all works but I doubt Apple is the problem here.
New Posts  All Forums: