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"we believe the greatest surprise around iPhone is that women may surpass gadget geeks as the largest customer" Are you kidding me, I think woman must make up the largest segment of all cellphones. Just take a look on the streets, those things never get turned off.
I agree with Union Square, although I can't think of a space big enough that is available, then again the Soho store is just two subway stops away. The meat packing district (funny how no developer has come up with a more vegan name yet for the area) does have some of the highest fashion stores in the city. Basically the whole city has exploded with construction, hoards of tourists and traffic. Apple is about "cool, hip or trendy what ever you call it and this location...
I got a sneak peek at CS3 and all I can say is that the knifing of Golive for the very left-brain, "PC-esque" Dreamweaver is a disaster. DW is just not intuitive from it's lack of easy to use grid, its less than apparent integration with the other Adobe apps is a rush job at best. Golive has a learning curve but it had a Mac minded drag and drop interface that Dreamweaver is sadly lacking. I doubt writing Adobe would bring Golive back, big companies don't care when there...
Not including isight has to mean these are soon to be discontinued displays, perhaps the less than dramatic price drop has something to do with the built in isight which will come with the new displays, hopefully around Leopard time. The isight camera is no show at the Apple store and if "Pros" want to ichat or video conference the only option besides third party camera is to ship with a built in isight.
In the past few years Union Square has become the busiest non mid-town location in the city. With the arrival of Whole Foods, Circuit City, Virgin Mega Store, and the nearby NYU housing and schools, an Apple store would see fantastic traffic.
So winter ends in March and summer begins the next day, when is spring? Here in NY summer last till the end of september.
Consumer backlash? It took nearly four years to American voters to backlash against Congress! Technology is too complicated for most consumers (as politics and world events is for voters) we are all just a bunch of sheep that craze our way to any slaughter house corporate America points us to.
Has anyone looked into what type of audio files this thing will play and the restrictions M$ has put on those file? Nobody is talking about it yet because it will be the most closed system out there. Buyers beware, the sh*t will hit the fan when the suckers that buy these things realized that they just bought chains and shackles.
Hope they can do something with the bad Dreamweaver interface. I've used GoLive since before it was an Adobe product but Dreamweaver confuses the hell out of me. Sad to see the end of Golive.
I think no matter how good a newly released mp3 player is today it is pretty much too late. The iPod has come to define mp3 player and hopefully Apple will keep on re-defining it. It's time for all these tech companies to put their brans and money into the next big thing.
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