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This must be a mock up or something and can't be what the shipping product will look like, can it? Today an mp3 player (does it actually play mp3's or just M$' proprietary files?) anyway players are fashion accessories as much as a bit of technology for the non geek. Wireless has to first work and second be easy to set up and use. Don't get too excited folks.
Leopard looks to be another solid upgrade to Mac OS X although most of that in my opinion is the fleshing out of apps and technologies found in earlier versions such as Tiger. Mail seems to be a more serious app and iChat will conferencing for the masses to a great new level. Make sure to check out the Quicktime movies on the Apple site "Sneak Peek". This of course leaves us with the "secret features" that were not shown today. Either Apples is really concerned about M$...
I was never a fan of "Leopard" as a marketing name for 10.5. I wonder if the big cats have reach the end of the line. Tiger had it's stripes and is an animal that implies speed and power. Leopards not as big a cultural icon, Maybe Apple could name 10.5 "Not Vista" or just drop it for Mac OS X.
I would love to replace my old 2002 G4 tower (it runs very well, never had a problem) next year around the time of the CS 3's debut. However the G5 case (which I would assume will return with a new Intel chips inside) is too large for most pro-sumers including myself. I understand that there are guys out there that always need one more expansion slot no matter how many Apple builds in but for a lot of us these behemoths look like they are from another era.
LAZZZY! I've been to the store and looked at the lift and thought "who outside of the elderly and handicapped would use that thing". Apparently healthy (for now) 20 year old Americans. Really we are talking about one flight of stairs here.
The "switch" to Intel has made the Mac roadmap a bit more interesting. Gone is the secrecy we had with IBM and Apple on future processor and related technologies. It's nice to on a winning team for a change.
Speaking as a New Yorker, you should see how ugly the new WTC has become from input by politicians, the police and the fire department. They are all looking for credit and attention by adding their two cents and in return we are getting a building and complex that will be far from inspiring and born of caution, fear and egos.
Quite the opposite. There are some very fancy stores feet away from the little group show in these pictures. New York has undergone big changes in the past 10 years in regards to the super (chain) stores spreading throughout the city into neighborhoods where smaller, privately owned business' use to be. I've eaten at Andrew's in the past but like most inexpensive restaurants they are forced to close when their leases increase (usually by 200% - 400%). Tek Serve an...
I think the only thing holding back Apple is Apple. Most people (not geeks that run speed test, nor gamers that prefer video games on a supped up computer instead of a game console) really could care less what chip is inside their box! I've heard the argument that cheaper chips would allow Apple to become the new Dell (ugh) and expand its user base with really cheap Macs. Macs are not that more expensive component wise to most PCs. Apple sees itself as a quality brand...
It is hard to feel sympathy for Apple when stupid lawsuits like this one pop up. Live by the sword die by the sword. There may be "some" legitimate complaint on behalf of the Tiger Direct but the timing shows reveals it is a just a money grab like most lawsuits. I think the injunction would actually give "Tiger" that's Mac OS X 10.4, an even bigger publicity push. When will the copyright BS end?
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