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Wasn't it the big Labels that insisted and still for the most part on DRM and not Apple? Don't most of the other online music stores use some form of DRM? Can songs purchased from iTunes be burned to a CD and then ripped as another format to be played on other MP3 players? The answer to all of the above is YES!
Looks like we are stuck with the 12cm disc for a little while longer. I imagine CD/DVD drives will disappear in the next 5 years when bandwidth and wifi are fast enough to eliminate the need for this aging technology. CDs are convenient still and shipping an adapter to fit a mini disc is ridicules the whole idea of ease of use and shipping cost savings.
One has to travel quite a bit to make this an attractive plan. Depending on where one is visiting in say, Europe there are many hotspots even if we are thinking cafe's or public libraries. This plan looks to be for business users which I did not think was the target audience for the iPhone.
I am ready to get a new Mac Pro, using a G4 tower 933 vintage 2001. Really thought about the new iMac but I just can't get past that shiny screen. My iSight crapped out on me yesterday so I would love a new 24" display with built in iSight camera. I'll wait to 10.5 figuring the $100+ saved having it pre-loaded can go to adding RAM. Of course I don't really expect this set up and imagine MacWorld for the announcement of new Mac Pro's.
[QUOTE=monkeyastronaut;1142937]impressive picture. Maybe Park Slope in Brooklyn, it is one of the upscale hoods. I don't think downtown next to Jr's Cheesecake, Williamsburg has the most iPod 20's somethings but the population is not dense enough. Soon there will be more Apple stores in NYC than Starbucks/
iPhones are sold this quarter there will be characters on the web saying it is too little and a failure. So let's just prepare ourselves and ignore it when it happens.
Society in my opinion is ever changing and there has to be a balancing act of weighing one groups needs within the whole. This is what a civil society does. When tipped too far in one direction we all will suffer. One incident in New York City back in the late 90's involved a company installing public pay toilets (kiosk) throughout Manhattan's busiest neighborhoods. This was a great idea since if you live here or have visited you will find it is impossible to find a...
You got to be kidding? Regardless of HOW they got in their conditions they are disabled and deserve the respect of any other customer. Sound like a bigot to me.
I would side with these women if they had spoken to one on the many sales staff that float around the store offering assistance and received none. Or spoke to a manager and pointed out the inconvenience they were having and were dismissed. Does anyone know if they did so? Even non handicap persons need to ask for help when they can't find what they want or are not getting the right service. One trip and they launch a suit? Hopefully there is more to this story and it's not...
Okay I'm running 10.4.10 on my system which means Apple patched Tiger a bunch (do the math) of times since its release. Now how on earth can we expect Leopard to be release bug free? Tiger was a nice improvement over 10.3 and even with a bunch of bugs I was more than happy to run it on my Macs these past couple of years. Apple will ship 10.5 on time meaning October, the survey could just be a head start on 10.5.1 update.
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