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Not everyone that uses Photoshop is a professional photographer or works for an ad agency. I might be in a minority here but I run a small business and have used PS since 1994 in combination with GoLive and recently Adobe's Muse to maintain my company's website. I would update PS every second version, it made financial sense for me and allowed me to keep up to date with changes to the app. For someone like myself paying $50 or even $30 per month subscription for the use of...
Am I the only one here that doesn't get it? Or the only one to admit it?
Wow, how dare another culture not want to live by our consumer culture's rules? At least France still has a middle class and in turn a labor unions unlike the USA. To each his/her own but from my time spent in France I notice a country that takes time to enjoy the best things in life many of which you cannot buy in an Apple store. People do not shop because they have no other interest or shop because they think it is an fun activity like in this county. It works for them...
Free free free.. The fact that you have "buy" software on piratebay proves you still use this software and if you use something that you did not make yourself it probably belongs to someone else. Justifying theft is lame. Sure M$ Office is more than most people can use and priced to high for today's market but there are plenty of other options out there and many are open source and "free". A fair amount of labor and skill goes into building software and those that create...
I wont respond to the troll that thinks Apple is the only company that buys technology from another and includes it as part of it overall product scheme. I use Siri to call someone in my address book, look up an address mostly. I don't use my iPhone so much still I prefer a landline to make calls and use my iPhone when not at home or work, I guess that makes me old?
Glad I ordered and received my when I did.
I am personally opposed to redesigning objects and tools that function well without the use of a power supply so that they only function by using electricity.. Why do we need anything in this video in our homes? A table made with an led screen? A bathroom mirror that works as a scale or other purposes? I know this video makes for a nerdy Jetson's future world but until we take a serious look at our energy consumption and learn to control it we may not have such a bright...
Since most young people in my neighborhood always walk around staring at their phones now I would say we already have wearable phones.
The super rich has such big problems, this makes me sad.
I was using my first gen iPhone until replacing last year with the 4s. It was still working but I wanted to get the better camera, and latest iOS.
New Posts  All Forums: