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Since most young people in my neighborhood always walk around staring at their phones now I would say we already have wearable phones.
The super rich has such big problems, this makes me sad.
I was using my first gen iPhone until replacing last year with the 4s. It was still working but I wanted to get the better camera, and latest iOS.
I cannot believe that the vast amount of people that buy an iPhone buy it to use the Map app and there were people holding off purchasing one until Google maps hit iOS 6.
Google the new Borg?  
I am not the kind of person that likes hiking or camping in the wilderness but even I imagine that relying on an electrical powered device for directions is not a good idea. Having a compass has worked for hundreds of years and a good map or two is standard gear when going off on an adventure. Besides were would you charge you phone in a forest or desert?
I'm not sure there is money to be made building a tv screen when the prices for all but the super high end have been falling along with profit margins. I don't think Siri would work either since it barely works on an iPhone. I think the key is the delivery of content more the way iTunes pretty much eliminated the CD and stores that sold them. Apple may be making a deal with networks to distribute show and other content in favor of an a la carte style contract replacing the...
I think bringing some manufacturing (back) to the US is a great move even if it is only symbolic at this time. The labor force in America has become divided between white collar (decent salary and benefits) and the ever increasing low wage service-benefit-less jobs. There was a time not too long ago when a person could consider themselves and family as middle class even with a job in manufacturing. If Apple puts even 5% percent of the company's manufacturing in the USA...
You have never been to a socialist country have you? People there have it a lot better than the majority of Americans.   
I have watched for years Apple's flirtation with bringing its GUI in line with its hardware but in my opinion the two never quite got there. The sometimes too "homy" icons are great for beginners if there is such a thing today with graphic user interfaces on just about everything including children's toys. I'm not so sure we need cuddly icons going ahead and J I could give Mac OS X a GUI fitting of the coming decade.
New Posts  All Forums: