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If it were clad in iron instead of aluminum it could have been called "Monitor 2".
I usually know where I am going but the maps apps are fun to play with. Apple decided they needed to make this move to their own map app but it may have been a mistake to release it at this time. I believe most iOS users feel like I do, not an important app.
Can we expect a jury made from a bunch of 18 year olds with zero life experience to decide cases? This jury passed the screening of plaintive and defendant.
More than the financial penalty put upon Samsung I am just gloating over what this means to Google's "gift" of Android to the world. If you want to beat Apple don't copy it, out design and out invent it.
I am a huge fan of Apple industrial design few if any come anywhere near it but this awardjQuery181028273925208486617_1348058380162?? I would have given it to NASA.
I guess some of the tech pundits were right the iPhone 5 will be a dull, uninteresting upgrade and few will notice it. Oh snap,
Hey Samsung how about this approach. "Although we are disappointed in the ruling on this trial we have been hard at work this past year creating fantastic products that go beyond anything you will see coming from Apple. We hope our loyal customers will share our enthusiasm with our coming release of products."   It's would not be true but what does truth have to do with their business model.   
Maybe Apple did Samsung a favor in the long run, I'm sure they will design software and hardware that is even better than anything Apple could produce after all Korea like all Asia counties are a hot bed of creativity and individuality. 
No the guy that directed the 1984 Super Bowl ad had already directed Alien and Bladerunner years earlier. 
I would not doubt looking through Leonardo Di Vinci's drawings one could find prior art for a iPad device.   
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