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Giving things away for free only gets you the cheapest customers, I think Confucius said that. 
I think this case will not got to the jury but will be settled. I think Samsung might cave first after all they have "proven" they have great industrial designers and can make great products that look nothing like Apple's going forwards. (that was sarcasm). Apple has a lot at stake here too if they lose even parts of this case. Besides the bad press we can expect a hit on the company's perceived value, the copy cat products flood gates will be opened and companies will...
I heard that jury almost always take a trial case very seriously not just the big murder trials we see on tv. I cannot imagine being on this particular trial and being able to follow not just all the evidence but how it applies to the law. A huge task indeed
Even if an icon's inspiration came from a completely unrelated source as in the photos icon case Samsung was designing such icon for use on a handset and the leading handset the iPhone had already been using a near identical icon already. A decent company or designer would have steered clear of this "coincidence" and used another idea. 
You are correct, Samsung is showing drag to resize a window not and actual ZOOM of the window which would give the user a closer look. I hope the jury can understand the difference. 
The Genius ads were aimed at a group of customer that needs a bit more hand holding, those new to Apple's way of doing stuff. Although not a bad idea to target this group I found these ads reminded me of those sitcoms that are used to replace cancelled tv shows, corny as hell with all to eager to "act" characters. Apple pulled them for whatever reason is true I sure wont miss them. 
I'm not sure I agree with you, I bought the original iPhone and used it for years until getting the 4s so I am quite familiar with its appearance. However reading about this trial and looking at the images of these phones both the iPhone and whatever Samsung did I have to take a few seconds to make sure I know which product I am actually looking at. If you live in a place where the iPhone was not available but had seen ads on TV then went shopping you could be convinced...
spoken from a person that has probably never created a single thing in their lifetime. Apple is making the point that huge financial investments (which is what business is all about) and in the case of the iPhone the actual future health of the company was at risk if they failed to get the iPhone a "wow" product. The iPhone is a masterpiece of technology and designed and is greater than its parts. Samsung (and others) with the help of Google's rip off OS Android are...
Do you think holding a device with a transmitter up against the side of your head everyday for a fair amount of time could possibly has long term affects on that area? I think so. Remember the mobile phone industry is worth BILLION of dollars with huge investments in R&D, advertising, production, and infrastructure. Do not think it is possible that this industry really isn't looking for any answers that would either destroy it or make it start all over from scratch. Cell...
  Buy now copying Apple's branding policy they will become more confident and copy Apple less? You may have that backwards. 
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