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I don't think Apple Inc needs you to defend it from Greenpeace. I'm not saying I agree with their tactics all of the time and yes they can be extreme but I am grateful there is a Greenpeace in the world to help bring attention to stuff the common person just won't think about. Apple is a giant company and the policies they make and the paths they follow make an impact in the world. Protesting and making yourself heard is an American right and tradition that I hope for...
I don't see this happening either but Apple is one unpredictable company sometimes. The iPad line may follow the iPod route with smaller less expensive models however the iPods had a feature shrink along with a price and size decrease. Would a smaller iPad be aimed at Kindle users, gamer playing? If Apple were to ship a small iPad it may not get the iPad moniker to keep the confusion down.
Okay firstly it is Bauhaus, secondly those rooms are not Victorian but French Neo-Classisical from the Louis XV and XVI periods. Most importantly that "guy" is consider one of the most influential designers of the past 20 years and has designed furniture, home decorative objects and hotels. Mr Ive's most notably work is with Apple exclusively. The only thing I agree with you on is the photograph used in this advertisement which was produced by the manufacturer not Mr....
Math is a wonderful thing but left in the hands of mathematicians that have no idea what makes these products differ from each other, strength of the Apple brand and just plain old "also ran" quality of Android in (tablets) makes be think it is time to go back to the chalk boards.
I think we probably bombarded with enough energy waves already I doubt this is a healthy solution to powering up a device.
I believe Adobe is planing on shipping the upgrades to PS and the other CS products in the first half of this year. My guess is late May 2012 with the beta expiring soon after.
I almost hate to admit this but I am really enjoying the new version (beta) of Photoshop aside from the dark interface which is easy enough to change, I am impressed with what appear to me as a snappy program. Some nice intuitive changes have been made to some of the tools. I usually buy every other version of PS this one I am looking forward to getting. I just hope I can outright purchased PS and not have to subscribe to lame service the Adobe is pushing.
If I find a product doesn't work as advertised I will try to contact the seller (Apple) and see if they can correct the problem by either showing me what I am doing wrong or ask for a refund. The last thing I would do is start a law suit, but then I'm not so stupid.
Samsung just won the Pia Zadora prize, congrats.
I hope the day comes soon when people realize that all this sharing is doing nothing to improve their lives and if anything keeps them chained in service to a computer whether mobile or at home wasting time when they could be out in reality. Everything you post online will be used against you someday. The more info you willingly give away to software companies and governments the less human you become. I do not tweet, have no Facebook page or linkedin page and a healthy...
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